How to spot a liar in less than 10 seconds?

We all lie at some point in life, don’t we? The question is how to spot a liar or identify a liar so that you are not being lied to or people don’t take advantage of you. Liars have some body language habits which are easy to identify if you pay attention to their behaviour pattern. In this Personal development video at Skillopedia by Meera, learn how to detect a liar in just 10 seconds. 

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Complete Video Transcript : –

Hey everybody, this is me Meera and you are watching me on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. Well talking about the real world do you know anyone who has never ever lied in their entire lives? Absolutely not, it’s not possible. Not really, in fact we all have a tendency to lie and we all know it, don’t you think so? But guys today’s video is not just about lying in particular, it’s about how to be the street smart individual by knowing when a person is lying to you. Imagine how well things will work for you when you know and you’re able to tell when the person in front of you is telling the truth or when they’re saying a lie or telling you on lie. You will be able to take steps accordingly and not waste time and energy on white lies or lies. Guys not just in personal life but even when you are in your professional life, in your careers you need to know if there are people around you who are saying the truth telling you the truth or lying. Wouldn’t it be just great when you know that hey I’m being lied to and I will not tolerate it? Yes! It is great. So guys here are some few things that will help you spot a lie. Well guys now let’s say for example you have given someone a particular task to do okay some work to do let’s say buying something for you okay on behalf of you because you couldn’t go there you cannot buy it it’s not reachable. You meet them and the next day you ask them that hey did you buy the thing that I asked you to buy for me and observe if they take any unusual time to respond than usual just, just to lie, like liars will usually be really quick sometimes in replying sort of like they had prepared it like yeah, yeah I did buy it yesterday I remember you telling me but I lost it. Almost as if they had actually rehearsed it in their minds beforehand that you know what I won’t buy it I forgot it and if they ask me I will just tell them this. So don’t just believe in people’s words just observe how they’re saying it if the response is unusually long but guys if they haven’t planned it and you just take them by surprise okay with just a question then they might just take a little bit of more time to respond because they need at least a bit of time to calculate and to just arrange their words and twist and turn the answers, right? So they might just take a little bit of time at times when you take them by surprise. Also particularly it’s not just about their response time, right? You can try to carefully listen to their voice when they talk about these things yes, these are some just like verbal cues if you might say sometimes like a higher pitch yeah, yeah, yeah I’ve spoken to him already oh yeah I’ve got it. Sometimes you’ll also find them giving you unnecessary extra information about things and details that you didn’t ask for and use phrases like oh yeah as far as I remember I’ve already completed it. Or oh yeah I could be wrong I’m not sure you can go check it but I’m sure I’ve done it already. Now guys let’s come to the clues that we get from body languages. I’d like to tell you that you obviously know that you know something about eyes or other body languages but have you noticed that sometimes people actually try to rub their nose when they’re trying to lie. So if someone asks me have you ever done such thing as a scuba diving? Have you scuba-dived before? And if I’m lying okay and I would say something like well once before I remember I’ve done this but it was long back so I don’t remember much about it. Obviously I have lied about it. Just try and observe this nose trick as well. Also guys, people who are lying have a tendency to hide their palms away from you. Yes, did you know that people who deal with money, right? Or finances of a particular company or a firm, make sure that they observe the palms of the people whom they’re trying to deal with. People try to put them in their pockets sometimes like so or just keep it under the table without showing their hands as though they’re actually hiding the money under the table or in their pockets. Now of course that was a joke but try and observe the palms. The next time you guys just like talk to people, don’t just let them know that what are you observing or concerned about, observe. Well guys I actually remember this one time when I was conducting a mock interview okay in a classroom of a student and I asked him a basic question first okay later I asked him did you have prior experience or do you have a prior experience working for an NGO? So he actually said and he told me that yes he had and then I asked him later once the mock interview was done so what he was doing is that he was rocking his chair back and forth when he was answering in the interview and that is why I asked him later that hey you know what I saw you just a little nervous did you actually have a work experience working with an NGO and he said no. But when I asked him why did he lie? Was there a necessity? Because it was just a mock interview he told me that he thought it would make a good impression if he tells me that yes he had worked for an NGO. Well clearly his intentions were not harmful because it was a test interview but you shouldn’t just go for your first job with a lie right that’s what I told him too. Of course not that you should go to your second interviewer job with the life but definitely not when you start with something you deserve something that is truthfully yours, okay? Have you noticed somebody’s eyes when they lie? People say that they look away when they’re lying. But you know what I have found out that in any formal environment people tend to look straight in the eye and do not blink even for like literally a weird amount of time but just the same time we might also come across people who suddenly look away again as you ask them or you just want to look at them. I am sure that this has happened to you also and you have noticed the eye trick as well. Now guys particularly when you are asking someone about their emotions okay, or feelings which is a little personal and they don’t want to share it with everybody they lie, we lie. I have lied before when people ask me are you feeling okay and I’m, I go like yeah, yeah I’m fine I’m good. Now clearly I’m lying okay because I just don’t want to tell you what I’m going through there is one more such thing that you can observe as that is how they were saying the words, no I don’t want to go home early. No I didn’t go home early yesterday I was here till late. But the head is shaking in a small way and they’re saying yes, okay? So this is called, just to, like maintain a body language that is universal so when I have to say yes I’m actually nodding in a way that is slightly a little bit of no and that actually means yes and it does happen. If you are someone any yes or no question the next time try to observe their head movement and neck movement instead of their answer. So right, right from the sentences formation to the voice, the way they talk, the time they take to respond, their eyes, their mouth, their feet, their hands and the whole body language we can now understand and detect a lie when people are talking to us and this is definitely going to help you in your professional life as well as your personal life. Well remember guys that everyone has a different style of lying as well and it’s true, it’s about their behavior and if you should know that person well enough to understand if they’re lying or not, right? So try and compare the next time when people are speaking the truth or the lie just for your own benefit not for any harm. Well guys that’s all for the day. I hope you have learned something from this lesson for the benefit and for your own good, right? Well that’s all for the day I will be seeing you very soon with another such video and another such topic until then make sure that you’re happy, you’re smiling, you’re eating right, this is me Meera signing off for the day guys, bye.

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