How to stay motivated when people criticize you.

Welcome to Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. In this video you will learn how to stay motivate when people criticize you. Develop your confidence in the moment of discouragement. When I started my teaching career, I was met with skepticism and criticism from the people closest to me. It took me some effort but I overcame the sting of discouragement through 7 tactics which I’m going to share with you in this lesson. Follow these tips to stay motivated in the midst of discouragement.

1.Know your mission

I knew I wanted to be a life coach because I’m passionate about teaching. Every time someone made me question my decision, I realized that my thoughts should be more and more focused on my mission. You should clearly know what you want to accomplish and why. Then, you could write down your mission on your phone’s screen saver so that you will be able to see it during the tough times.

2.Don’t justify your goal

I realized that the more I tried to explain why I was pursuing my goal, the more people around me reminded me of my possible failure. You’re not obligated to justify your goal. Focus on how to achieve what you desire rather than on how to get external approval to for your dreams.

3.Don’t reveal too much too soon

When I made the decision to pursue my mission, I couldn’t resist sharing the good news with those around me. I immediately learned that I had made a mistake, because instead of receiving encouragement, I often received discouragement. The fact is that many people will find fault with your goal, will warn you to “be careful,” or will share a story of someone who failed when trying to achieve a similar goal. That’s a sure way to murder your motivation, especially when it hasn’t gathered enough positive momentum to battle criticism. It’s best to write your mission in a private journal and keep your ideas to yourself. You should be self-confident about your decision before you share it with anyone else.

4.Expand your social circle

It may happen sometimes that your interests and goals may be different from those closest to you and therefore whenever you share your goals with them they might discourage you. If it so I suggest that you expand your social circle i.e. meet new people who would be more likely to relate to you, offer encouragement, and provide useful insights. To meet like-minded people you can attend networking meetings or connect with a mentor.

5.Spend time in solitude (alone)

As important as it is to meet new people who would support you, so is to spend time alone. This reminds me of a famous quote by Albert Einstein that is “a quiet life stimulates the creative mind”. Even if you can spend an hour away from technology and other people it will allow you to achieve the peaceful state of mind you need to create a winning strategy. You’re confident to defeat demotivation when your plan of action is ready. Spend the time alone to plan your victory.

6.Find those who have succeeded achieving a similar goal to your

The best antidote for failure is to follow the footsteps of those people who have successfully achieved the goals that you’re aiming at. Find the top five people in your industry and follow their footsteps. They’ll became one of your main sources of motivation. So today, make a list of 5 to 10 people who have achieved a similar goal to yours, and learn from them. Just like you, they were probably bombarded with criticism. But they made it, and so can you!

7.Celebrate small successes

This is the seventh and the final tip I have for you and i.e. you should keep a track of all your little and long-term accomplishments for example: learning a software application, learning a language,new friends that you’ve made, people you’ve connected with and even cleaning your inbox/ wardrobe can make it to the list! When my confidence and motivation wavers, read the log, and realize how much you have already accomplished. This means that if you have overcome challenges before you can overcome them in the future. Stay focused on the finishing line and find joy in every step towards your success! I hope to see you soon with another lessons on Life Skills. Stay motivated and live strong!

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