Stop Saying VERY! 50 Smart Advanced English Words To Speak English Fluently And Confidently.

Stop Saying Very ( Parts 1-5)

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Here are 50 smart English words for daily English conversation. Stop saying VERY and use these advanced English words to speak fluently and confidently in English. It’s time to say BYE BYE to Basic English speaking, Improve your spoken English with smart English vocabulary. If you are a beginner in English and want to advance your English speaking level, this English lesson series is perfect for you. You are watching the 5th and final part of this English lesson series, where you will learn 50 advanced English words to replace VERY. Also learn the how-to pronounce these English words correctly with the right stress.

I am a Sara, A trained British native speaker in speech and voice modulation. I hope my lessons help you improve your pronunciation and better your English speaking with the correct accent. If you plan to reduce your accent, my lessons would certainly help you do that. Don’t forget to drop me a comment! Also take a look at our beautifully designed English courses, ranging from the Elementary level to the Advanced English level. These courses are designed specifically keeping in mind the struggle faced by non-native English speakers.

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