Stop ✋ Saying – ‘It’s OKAY’ – Learn Smart English Phrases & Words For Daily English Conversation

It’s Okay – A very common English phrase used in our daily English conversation. But, is ‘Okay’ the only word in your English vocabulary. In this English speaking practice lesson with Meera you will learn 10 Smart English Phrases to say ‘It’s Okay’. If you want to take your English to the advanced level and move over from the Basic English level, you have to learn new words and phrases in order to speak English fluently and confidently. Learn these smart Phrases and use them in your everyday english conversation.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hey everybody, welcome back to Let’s Talk, this is me Meera. Today we’re gonna talk about a certain, one word that not only we mistake in the spelling of but we make it so often that it gets boring even to say “okay”. Can you tell me what all people have used instead of “okay”? Don’t you think people use “K” full stop, now a days, to express something that they’re fine with, that they have a thumbs up for, that is alright with them, don’t you think so? Right, well first things first the spelling of “okay” is o-k-a-y and not o-k. I know some people used to mistaken it by just ‘ok’. Well enough about it, right? Let’s take a look at things you can replace this one word with, right, and of course all of these are related to different situations throughout. Let’s start with the first one “aye-aye”, it’s a very, very shippie which means a very naval term whether it is Merchant Navy or in just defense Navy it’s the same. Well here you’re just trying to say “aye-aye”, usually they say, “aye-aye captain” which means okay-okay, not once but twice, I’m absolutely clear about what you have said. So this is “aye-aye” is nothing but another way of saying okay-okay but in a very casual way for all those who are not shippies, alright? Well you’re confirming it twice so say if someone says ‘you need to reach your by 11:00 a.m.’, you can always reply to that saying, “aye-aye” which means, ‘yes I have understood it’. Disclaimer, before everything since I’ve already started never mind make sure that you use all of these for your friends and family and acquaintances, not for professional purpose, okay? Now that I know that you’ve got that straight let’s move on okay, see how much I’m using “okay” but you don’t do that right, “Roger that” is the next term. Here it simply means that you have understood something, right? Well if someone says, ‘you need to get two packets of bread and one pack of eggs’, you can always say, “Roger that”, that means you have understood the instructions, right? So let’s say someone your boss says, ‘you need to get presentations tomorrow by 11 a.m.’, can you say, “Roger that” or no? Because I just said that you cannot use it professionally. Well “Roger that” is something you can use professionally as well as long as it’s on WhatsApp messaging or on a casual platform of messaging not on emails, fair enough? Well that’s fantastic let’s move ahead with the next one which is a very, very cute one very, too informal to be used for anyone else but for your really, really loved ones whom you can just say, “okey dokey”. So if someone, imagine your husband says that, ‘honey I will be home by 7:00 p.m.’, “okey dokey”, see how simple that was instead of saying, “okay”, the boring way the way we say it always, you said “okey dokey”. Let’s take another example, your sister says that, ‘hi I would be visiting you on Sunday’, “okey dokey”. ‘Let’s have lunch on Sunday’, “okey dokey”. See how you can use a much cuter term for your loved ones, right? Moving on from there we have “by all means”, oh, let me just write quickly, scribble over here for dear ones and as you can see it’s just “okay-okay”. “By all means”, well what does this mean? You’re just trying to say that, I am alright with your statement, your decision, your question or your advice or just what you’re trying to say, “by all means”, I have no problems with what you’re trying to say. Right, so for example you said that, someone says, probably your friend or even a colleague of yours which is a friend who says that, ‘are you going to come tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m.?’, you say 10:00 a.m. right, ‘would you like to join me?’ right? Probably a car-pooling, “by all means” which means absolutely, why not, absolutely. ‘Would you like to have lunch with me?’ “By all means, why will I say no?’ okay, that’s how you can use “by all means” to just simply say ‘alright’. Let’s move ahead we have, “sounds good to me”. Well this is something that you’re simply agreeing to, agreeing to. I would be preparing, ‘I would be preparing some noodles and some soup for dinner’ right? ‘Is it okay with you?’ “Sounds good to me”, that means you are not only you have any problem with it but you’re agreeing to it that, hey that’s fine, that sounds fun. ‘Let’s go partying tomorrow’, “sounds good to me.” ‘Let’s watch a movie tomorrow’, “sounds good to me”. See how you’re expressing “okay” in different ways. Okay we’re moving ahead from there we have “green light”, well what does green light suggest especially when you’re standing at a signal with your car or you any of your vehicle for that matter, it’s a sign for ahead, go, right? So this means go ahead another way of saying “alright”, another way of saying “okay”. Now again if you want to agree to something or if you want to say, ‘yes go ahead with this decision’, instead of saying “okay” try to say “green light” and probably you would get a reply saying, ‘hey what does that mean?’ That just means “okay” go ahead with it, I’m for it right, you support it, right? Sounds good, well let’s move ahead we have “a thousand times yes”. Now guys I’ll tell you what, I have heard this so many times especially when there is a beautiful, very emotional proposal going on and the boy proposes saying, ‘would you marry me, will you marry me?’ and the girl can say, “a thousand times yes” which means yes-yes-yes into infinity and that’s just a way of agreeing to something happily with a lot of excitement as well, right? Agreeing happily, fair enough. Well the next time if someone says, ‘hey let’s go drinking tonight’, “a thousand times yes” which means you’re so happy to say yes and you’re so excited to say yes, that’s just as simple as that and as exciting as that. Alright, let’s move on and see what we have next, well the next thing is “God damn right” do you see how we speak and how we say ‘yes’, “God damn right” just with a little bit of tweak of attitude right? Of course this is for friends as well. Well here someone is, if someone is trying to say that, ‘should we take a present for her birthday?’ “God damn right, of course we should”. No doubt, of course, I’m gonna write here, of course, yes there’s no doubt about that. ‘Shall I come to office tomorrow or not, I think I should’ “God damn right, you should”, see how, ‘I think I’m gonna study right now, I will sleep a little later’, “God damn right, that you should study instead of sleeping and napping around”, right? That’s how you can use it. Well moving on, “why not”. I simply like this one you know because instead of saying “okay” and just agreeing to something you are just showing no doubts by questioning it in return for example, ‘would you like to have some popcorn?’ instead of saying, “okay” or “yes” you’re saying, “why not, let’s go for it, let’s have popcorn”. ‘Would you like to have pizza?’ “Why not”. ‘Would you like to come for a run with me?’ “Why not”. Agreeing in return with a question. I really like this one. Moving on, “my thoughts exactly” I know this sounds a little undone or it sounds a little rough at the edges but it is a complete sentence so don’t worry about that if someone says, ‘don’t you think that dress was looking a little weird on her?’ you can say, “my thoughts exactly” that that’s what that is what you were thinking. ‘Don’t you think the movie was superb?’ “My thoughts exactly”. That means absolutely it was right, instead of saying “okay” yes I agree with you say how dramatic effect and what kind of dramatic way you have use it in, well fantastic. Let’s move ahead from there we have, “hell ya!” okay so of course I’m sure that you guys might be using “yeah” instead of this. Again it’s very, very informal to say “hell ya!” but what the hell, you can use it with your friends, can’t you? Okay that was just a way to tell you guys when you want to say that ‘would you like to come out with me tonight?’ “Hell ya!” of course yes, now instead of saying god damn right, why not, you’re using “hell ya!” another exaggerative way, exaggerating way or an overreacting or specifying or emphasizing on something, why not, right? Okay moving on from “hell ya!” we have “I’d love to”, again this definitely comes when you’re requesting or you are proposing something to someone, ‘would you like to stand up and probably give a toast tonight?’ “I’d love to” why not? See how I have combined the both, right? Moving on to the last one which is a very peaceful one it’s not so much of agreeing as much as it is a blessing but I personally think that whenever you bless someone with something by just saying, “amen” right, that’s just a blessing and a way to say “okay”, I support you, right? Don’t you think so? So “amen” is nothing but blessing to support. Okay now these are so many different ways of saying alright, I agree, I support you, I understand you, I will come with you… different situations and in different ways. Go ahead and use it in your sentence immediately, today itself, will you? Great! Okay so that’s all for today. I will see you very, very soon with another interesting topic. Until then make sure that you’re using all of the things that you’re learning, keep smiling, keep practicing, spread a lot of love guys, this is me Meera, ciao.

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