05 ways to succeed at work by enjoying your life everyday.

We mostly do not count what we do after work as decisive for our work day success however what we do after office hours affects our next day at work greatly.
In this Skillopedia session you will learn five tips to ensure you not only have a fulfilling evening, but also the most productive tomorrow you’ve ever had.

1. Have a ‘plan jam’ every evening

When you’ve rejuvenated after work with a hot cup of coffee. Sit down on planning for the next day which is crucial for how smoothly your day is going to go. You can start planning by reviewing that day. What were the hits and misses that day? What did you learn and where do you need to follow-up? List out the most important tasks you have to complete tomorrow (your “crucial results”).

Once you’ve decided your crucial results for tomorrow, configure your calendar to reflect the blocks of time needed to accomplish those results. Include time for the meetings you’ve scheduled, the “flex time” you’ll need to handle administrative tasks and the time-sensitive items you hadn’t planned for that will invariably show up. This will pump you for the next day as you’ll be more confident with

2. Socialize and nurture relationships daily

Everyday should be an ideal day. We must try to fit in everyone and everything we love in the 24 hours that we have received. Trudging through the weekdays waiting for the weekend is not living, it’s called surviving.

Spend time with your loved ones doing your favorite activity together and conversing with each other to nurture your relationship.

Socializing and nurturing relationships daily is the key to a productive life. A fulfilling day affects your attitude at work the next day. With stable relationships we feel more energized to put our best foot forward every day.


3. Don’t wait, expand your horizon tonight

Get involved in a social activity that you like which should be educational as well for example, dance, music, going to the museum, studying architecture or anatomy etc. Why should your hobbies be slotted only for Saturday and Sunday? This additional knowledge will help you expand your professional horizons. Investing in productive hobbies is a good business strategy.

4. Read and journal

Journal! Journal! Journal. If writing eludes you, rethink. Writing down your thoughts for 20 mins. a day will improve your emotional and physical health. For me, writing is the best vent. It helps me release my anxieties and fear on paper. Moreover it fills me with gratitude for all the blessings I have.

I make sure that before I sleep, I read as well, in my case it’s a Bible. It could be another book for you. Reading reminds me that I have so much more to learn. It humbles my attitude for the next day, so that I would be ready to improvise in any area that I lack.


5. Rest up

Sleep is not a necessary evil, it’s just plain necessary if you expect to be a high performer.

We can “hack” our ways to more productivity, but none of us should try to hack sleep. That just doesn’t work. I recommend getting as close to 7.5 hours of quality sleep a night as you can. You’re not going to perform your best with a lack of sleep. It’s not cool to brag about lack of sleep unless you’re not in high school. You must Rest up! to jazz up for the coming day.

Now that you’ve packed fun, rejuvenation, bonding and creativity into your everyday, you’ll find that your work hours are more purposeful and productive. Don’t just get through the workday, thrive throughout your entire day.


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