Summer Clothing Vocabulary – Men & Women

In this English Vocabulary practice lesson, you will learn Summer clothing styles for men and women. The clothing varies from season to season and you always stay in style with your clothes, so why not practice some useful English clothing vocabulary. Learn about what are summer clothes called in particular so that you would not make any mistakes in English when talking about summer clothes.

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Complete Video Transcript –

Hello and welcome to today’s lesson, my name is Rima and today we’re gonna talk about clothes that you should wear in summer to remain cool. I have listed out some clothes, these are the women and these are for the men, okay.

Let’s start with the ones that women wear. The first one on my list is a sundress. Now every woman loves wearing a sundress but what exactly is a sundress? So it’s a cotton dress which is sleeveless which is slightly loose and which is very airy. Okay, so I’m gonna claim this is a cotton, airy, sleeveless dress, okay. Sometimes it has the print of flowers on it and it is mostly in summery colours like white and pastels and it looks very, very pretty and it keeps the body very, very cool.

Moving on, we have the famous bikini. That’s right, now what is a bikini? A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit. Now it’s a two piece swimsuit which is very famous because a lot of women actually prepare for the summer by working on their bodies in order to get the perfect bikini body and this includes celebrities from all over the globe. So yes that’s why the bikini is very, very famous.

And moving on, the next one is a halter. Now, what is a halter exactly? Now a halter stands for a garment which is held together by two strings which are tied around the neck, which means essentially the back is bare. So you could be wearing a halter top or a halter dress but your back will be bare and your dress or your garment will be held in place by two strings or two pieces of cloth tied together behind the neck. So I’m gonna draw this one for you. So let’s say you’re wearing a halter dress and I’m not really good at drawing but it’s basically two things that are tied behind the neck that hold the dress together, okay and this is where the arms will come out. Okay, so these two strings actually distinguish the garment and make it a halter. Okay, so that’s how it is.

Moving on, a skater dress. Now, these can really, really rock summer. A skater dress is derived from an ice skater’s dress. It’s basically a dress that is fitted at the top but flared at the bottom. Okay so essentially the shape of a skater dress is something like this. Okay this is the waist and it’s flared at the bottom but it’s kind of fit at the top. Okay so that’s what a skater dress is and it’s again very cool in summer because they’re kind of short okay. They’re almost thigh length and they can keep you really cool in the summer.

Moving on, we have the tankini. Now, what exactly is a tankini? It sounds like a bikini; it’s close to a bikini but slightly different. So, first of all, let me explain to you what a tank top is. A tank top is a sleeveless top which is very, very fitted. Okay now imagine that it starts with a tank top and ends with a bikini bottom just like the bikini. Okay, now that would be a tankini. So a tankini is a tank top plus a bikini bottom. Now both the bikini and the tankini are used as swimwear, whereas the sundress, the halter, the skater dress, all of these can be used, you know anywhere. You could go shopping, you could go for a party and they would all work just fine.

Moving on, what is that the men like to wear in summer? Well, I think men just love something called the Bermudas. Now the Bermudas are derived from the country Bermuda because a lot of people there end up wearing Bermudas. What are Bermudas? So they are actually a pair of loose shorts. Now they might have a string that kind of ties them together like a pyjama has. Okay and these are very comfortable mostly made out of cotton. They might have very interesting prints on them like you know trees and birds and beaches, basically just meant for the summer. And most men enjoy wearing Bermudas over their swimming trunks on the beach and mostly these men are topless.

Moving on, the next that men like to wear in summers and these are generally men I have seen in the Middle East, okay sometimes even Asia, they like to wear kaftans. Now, what is a kaftan? A kaftan is a loose, long, straight dress for men actually, yeah. Now it’s large, it is straight. It is loose, it’s almost like wearing a tent, a slightly fitted tent but trust me it’s a great thing to wear in the summers because it keeps your body absolutely cool no matter how high the temperature soars. So, in fact, the best thing about kaftans is that even women wear kaftans, okay. So women sometimes wear tops which are stitched like a kaftan or they wear long kaftans or sometimes they wear kurtis which are stitched like a kaftan.

Okay, moving on, shorts, yes. The very, very famous, very age-old shorts, okay. So these are basically short pants. So if you are going for a walk in the summer or going for a jog, you know if you’re on the beach, you know shorts which are like short pants, you know almost like till the end of your thighs are what men prefer in summer. Now how are shorts different from Bermudas? Okay, so shorts are different from the Bermudas because Bermudas are slightly longer, okay and shorts are shorter. Now shorts could be made out of denim, the same fabric that jeans are made up of or they could be made out of cotton but the Bermudas are always made out of pure cotton. So that’s the difference between shorts and Bermudas.

And then, of course, there are the famous Hawaiian shirts. That men like to wear. Now, what are Hawaiian shirts? Again these are loose, large, cotton shirts. These shirts are famous because they have Hawaiian prints on them. So there could be palm trees, there could be beaches. sometimes when the shirts are very loud, they could also have bikini babes printed on them and these shirts are generally in very summery colours like yellows and oranges and pinks and greens and they are really, really loud and they are perfect for the summer. So that’s what the men do. They prefer Bermudas, kaftans, shorts and Hawaiian shirts.


So well those are clothes that are perfect for men in summer. Well, I really hope that you go to learn a lot about what kind of wardrobe meaning, what kind of clothes you should wear in summer. Women have their taste and men have theirs and I assure you, if you follow this wardrobe meaning these kind of clothes, I warn you will remain fairly cool in summer. I really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson, if you have, do subscribe to our channel. I’m going to catch you another time with yet another lesson, till then this is me Rima saying bye and take care, have a great summer, in fact, have a cool summer.

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