Talking about Jobs and Occupations in English

In this lesson you will learn how to ask someone what they do for a living (job) and how to answer someone if they ask you. There is an example of a brief conversation between two people. The last part of the lesson is a description of jobs and a description of the job and where they work.

What does occupation or living mean?

Occupation-  what do people do  to make a living. And because all of us do something or the other, we often talk about occupations. Here are some sample phrases and sentences you can use to talk about occupations.

How to ask someone what they do for a living

So John, what do you do for a living?

What is your occupation?

What do you do to make a living?

I am a Doctor. I help help sick people

I am a hairdresser. I cut hair.

I am a computer programmer. I make computer programs.

Enjoy the lesson!


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