Talking about occupation categories in English.

We all have a job that serves our livelihood, but what category it falls into? In English there are different phrases used for different job/occupation categories. In this lesson you will learn to talk about about careers and jobs.

1) Blue collar Jobs –

The people who belong to the working class fall into this category. They are the people who perform skilled manual labor. Blue collar jobs are usually paid an hourly wage although some professionals may be paid by the project or are salaried.
Eg of blue collar jobs are:- Mechanics, Electricians, Janitors, Factory workers, Welders Etc.

2) White Collar jobs –

White collar jobs are typically something that you do in an office. A person who performs professional, managerial or administrative work belong to this category.
Eg – Managers, Secretaries, Administrators Etc.

3) Pink Collar Jobs –

The people who fall into this category are from the service industry. Traditionally the pink collar jobs are associated with the female workers.
Eg :- Maids, Domestic Workers, Babysitters, Hairdressers Etc.

4) Bureaucrats –

People who work for the government and are more concerned with the policy and procedures fall into this category of jobs.

5) Professionals –

Well educated workers with highly respected profession fall into this category.
Eg – Doctors, Veterinarians, Lawyers Etc.

6) Academics –

Another group of people are academics. These are the people who are highly qualified and are into teaching and training .
Eg – College Professors, Researchers, Teachers, Writers Etc.

7) Celebrities –

They are the people who belong to the elite class and are very famous for things like acting, playing sports, singing etc.
Eg – Actors, Singers, Artists

8) Creative Class –

People who paint, write or design belong to the creative class.
Eg – Animators, Interior Designers, Fine artists Etc.

9) Freeloader –

Someone who doesn’t work and survives by asking help from friends and family is called a freeloader. And this is a negative term in English.


  • BIg thanks for your lessons Niharika! It is really amazing and interesting <3 !

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