Talking about swimming in English.

Phrases to describe the activity of swimming:

Go swimming
Go for a swim
Go for a dip (in the pool, in the ocean, etc.)
Take a dip (in the pool, in the ocean, etc.)
Jump in the pool

Places to swim :

A “public pool” is available for anyone to swim in, sometimes for free and sometimes for a charge.
An “indoor pool” is inside a building.
A “kiddie pool” is a small pool that you can buy at a store and put in your yard. It’s for small children to play in.
A “hot tub” has hot water. You don’t swim in it exactly, but just sit in it. If it has jets that make bubbles in the water, it’s called a “jacuzzi”.
A “public access beach” is one that anyone can swim at. A “secluded beach” is one that’s far away from cities or towns, and that you can swim at alone.
You can also swim in the ocean, at a lake, in a river, and so on.

Swimming gear:

Men swimming trunks to swim. These are shorts that are made of a material that dries quickly. Some men wear speedos, which are small, tight swimming pants. But it’s not common to wear speedos for casual swimming; they’re mostly for competitive swimmers. A lot of people think speedos are gross!
Women wear bathing suits. Technically, you can call men’s swimming trunks a “bathing suit” as well, but usually it just means a women’s bathing suit. Types of bathing suits for women include:
Bikinis are bathings suits that come in two pieces.
One-piece bathing suits cover the whole chest and stomach area.

Styles of swimming

Breast storke

The “breast stroke” is when you start with your arms together in front and draw them back in a wide circular motion. Your head can be down in the water or up above the water.

Butterfly style

The butterfly stroke is one of the most difficult swimming strokes, as it requires a very exact technique, in addition to strength and a good sense of rhythm. The butterfly stroke — often simply referred to by swimmers as the fly — requires a lot of practice to perfect, but when you have it down it is one of the most rewarding, respected and aesthetically pleasing swimming styles currently used in competition.
Free Style

Freestyle is the fastest of the four front primary strokes. The freestyle stroke requires you to flutter kick your feet while reaching forward with alternating arms.

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