Talking about the new iphone launch in English.

In this English lesson you will learn vocabulary related to the new iphone launch.Everyone is excited about the latest iPhone launch and its a great topic for a conversation . The following words will help you have a good English conversation about the latest iPhone 6s launch


Gadgets– stands for new piece of technology ; it could be a new smartphone, laptop or tablet . So , you could start the conversation by saying .. ” Hey , are you into new gadgets ? I am asking because the new iPhone has been launched !”

Endure – means to put up with .So you can say , “A lot of people had to endure sleepless nights to buy this new iPhone as they had to wait in queues all night long .”

Claiming – means to promise .For Ex: “Apple is claiming that this new iPhone is one of the finest phones they have created.”

Screen – means the display of the phone So , you can discuss the screen by saying ,” Apple is claiming that the iPhone 6s has the strongest screen .”

Feature – means the ability of the phone to do something For Ex: ” the iPhone 6s has many cool features like the 3D touch feature .”

Surpass – means to go beyond something or some expectations .You can use surpass by saying ,”This new iPhone is expected to surpass  the previous iPhones.”

Fly off the shelves – means to get sold very fast . For Ex: ” This new iPhone 6s is flying off the shelves as everyone wants to have one.”

Anticipated – means sought after / looking forward to something For Ex: ” The new iPhone 6s is the most anticipated phone of the this year .”

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