Talking About Types of Eggs.

Do you eat eggs for breakfast?  Extremely nutritious! You surely know how you like your eggs but do you know how to order them, so that they will actually be cooked that way? So there are various ways of cooking the eggs. In this lesson we will learn the different ways the eggs are cooked.

  Hard boiled – An egg that is cooked in the boiling water with the shell intact until both the white and the yolk is completely set.

Soft boiled – An egg cooked in boiling water with the shell intact only to the point at which the whites are set however the yolk is still liquid.

Over Easy – A fried egg that is flipped and cooked yolk ( yellow) side down only long enough to create a film over the top of the yolk leaving the centre of the yolk liquid.

Over hard – A fried egg that is flipped and cooked yolk side down until the yolk has completely cooked through.

Sunny side up – A fried egg that is never flipped or cooked yolk side down. The whites cook until completely or partially set while the yolk remains liquid.

Poached – Eggs that have been removed from their shell and then cooked in a hot liquid. The cooking liquid can be water or broth or any other flavored sauce. Poached eggs are considered to be quite healthy as no fat or oil is used for cooked .

Scrambled – Raw egg whites and yolks are beaten together and then cooked in a skillet. The beaten egg mixture is gently agitated as it sets to create a curdled texture and seasonings are added.

Shirred – Eggs that are baked in a ramekin and sometimes with butter cream ot other sauces until the whites have set however the yolk is still liquid.

Omelet ( Omelette ) – Eggs that have been beaten and then cooked quickly in a frying pan and then folded over with some fillings like the cheese , vegetables or meat  form a nice scrumptious omelette.

Hope this lesson is helpful to you all out there and from now you can order your eggs correctly and enjoy the delicious breakfast thoroughly.








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