Telephone Etiquette for better business calls.

In this Business English lesson, you are going to learn telephone etiquette and manners that one must exercise right for greeting to ending a call. Speaking over the telephone professionally is very important as your style of speaking and voice represent the company you are working with.

Answering the call:

Example 01: Good morning, thank you for calling ABC company. How may I help you?

It is always nice to answer a phone with a greeting, followed by the company’s name. Even if you answer a call, you could always greet the caller.

Example 02: Thank you for calling Peterson’s marketing department. How may I help you?

Sometimes, the call gets directly connected to the concerned department. Even though you may not be the person they want to speak to, it’s always nice to sound polite and make the person comfortable.

The person or caller wants to talk to someone who is not available:

Example: Mr. Berg is not taking calls right now. Can I take a message?

When you try to transfer a call to your colleague who is not answering, politely tell the caller that the concerned person is not taking calls now. Also, you could offer to take a message on behalf of your colleague.

Example: Jonathon is out today. Can I forward you to his voicemail?

If you know your colleague is not in the premises, offer to forward the caller to your colleague’s voice mail.

Transferring/connecting the caller to another person:

Example: ‘Please hold while I connect you to him’. This phrase is mainly used by front line staff. Be polite soft and gentle while speaking. Use voice modulation.

Example: I’ll put you through Mr. Sevan’s phone. If you get disconnected for some reason, his direct extension is 4562.

When you use such a phrase, you are being polite and going out of your way to help the caller. You are helping the caller with the extension number in case of any issues.

Problems during a call:

Example: I’m sorry I can’t hear you.

At times, there may be a lot of disturbance and lack of clarity while speaking. If you are taking messages over the phone and are unable to hear clearly, do not hesitate to express it. But do it politely.

Example: Could you please spell that for me?

Many times you take a note of the caller’s name and may find it difficult to spell it correctly. You could ask the caller politely to spell it for you.

Example: I am sorry you have the wrong number.

At work, you may be answering plenty of calls who have the wrong number. However annoying this may be, do not snap. Be polite and let them know that they have the wrong number.


Ending a call:

Example: Thank you for calling North Star roofing. Have a nice day.

Example: Thanks for calling, Mr. Fernandez. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Ending a call is as important as answering or starting one. It is imperative that you maintain the politeness while speaking. Let the caller know you were pleased to speak to him. Ensure you end the call in such a way that the caller never hesitates to call again.

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