Tell me something about yourself? One Powerful Word To Describe Yourself In A Job Interview.

Tell me something about yourself? The most common question asked in any job interview and most of the candidates answer this job interview question by just repeating what’s written in their resume. The job interviewer wants to hear a brief answer that defines your personality and know who you are in less words as possible. In this English lesson with Meera, you will learn – How to describe yourself in one word, learn 10 powerful adjectives with sample job interview answers to answer this interview question in a confident describing your personality traits. These 10 English words would make you sound confident and fluent in spoken English, make sure you understand how to use them correctly in your next job interview.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hey everybody, how’s it going? This is me your trainer, Meera. Well today I will be talking about a question that I found the most difficult to answer and that is, “describe yourself in one word?” I know what you’re thinking, how can I? I have been living for so many years, how can I just describe in one word? There are so many qualities that I have, how can I choose one? But it is a very frequently asked question in sorts of interviews, right? So you have to get through this and you have to understand. Well I have got a variety of adjectives that will help you pick the one that suits you, probably you can get inspired or look for the one that goes with your personality, okay? So let’s get started… Alright, guys, the reason why I like adjectives so much, is because they are very playful, fun very intelligent and expressive. Once your vocabulary gets stronger, you will start enjoying them and using them in different areas and sentences. When anyone asks you such a question, such as, “describe yourself in one word?” Don’t get confused, don’t worry, the question also means ‘why?’ so that you support your one word. Fair enough, imagine I said this, “Describe yourself in one word?” ‘Curious’, that’s very random, so let’s get started… first one is ‘industrious’. Are you someone who is hard working in each task, who keeps busy and active most of the times? Then you are industrious. Let’s look at the sample answer that you could use, “I am industrious, because I am very hardworking that I keep myself constantly active at any task that I take up. A very smart word to impress right, a very nice word to talk about which shows off that, hey, I have a great vocabulary. Well the next one is ‘upbeat. Are you someone who is cheerful, and optimistic most of the times? Optimistic as in confident about the future. Someone who can look at it positively, well then you are an upbeat person. Very cheerful and optimistic. A nice combination of two adjectives to describe yourself, right? Cheerful and optimistic. Here is an answer you can always prepare to add up to it, ‘I am an upbeat person, this nature helps me in overcoming a lot of challenges & difficulties.’ Short and sweet yet it will give you the answer that you want. Next up, ‘charismatic’. This one is specifically one of my favorites, this means people who have the ability to effortlessly winning the affections of others around them. Do you know that these people have a very glowing sort of personality when they walk in a room? They can charm you in just few moments, just by being themselves, especially when it comes to an interview, they can just charm anyone in front of them with their personality. Here’s how you can put this answer, ‘In one word, I’m charismatic, my friends and family have always complimented me on this and I feel grateful for that.’ Now guys, understand you have to say this very gently and also in a way that is respectful towards others as well, because if you are arrogant, that will take you nowhere. It will just sound egoistic on your part and not charismatic, so be humble. Next one, ‘diligent’. Right, so these are the people with perseverance in carrying out task. They are perseverant in carrying out tasks. They work hard until the job is well done. This is how you can add to your answer, ‘I’m diligent, I take great care in doing things right and till the end.’ Now if you are a lazy person, then you should get inspired by the diligent ones to achieve something in life, to move forward in life, okay? Next word is ‘exuberant’. Sounds very dramatic and sounds very and good, right? Well if you are someone who is unrestrained, especially with regards to feelings, someone who is full of joy and has a lot of energy to show it… that is being exuberant. That means you are exuberant and unrestrained. You don’t have any restrictions that way. Well this is someone who doesn’t limit expressing joy and a lot of energy. Okay, this is how you can answer, ‘Being exuberant delights me as there’s no harm in spreading joy and a great energy, although I do not overdo it all the time.’ Well then you seem like a balanced person to the recruiters, when they hear that you are not always overdoing joy and happiness and energy, right? So this you have to put it in a balanced structure. Next word we have, ‘intuitive’. This is a person who has obtained this through instinctive knowledge guys. Now if you are someone who sort of, has a special feel towards certain situations that you understand that, ‘hey, you know what, my heart says…’ usually you would use words like, ‘heart’, my ‘intuition’, my ‘instinct’, then you are a very intuitive, okay? Let’s look at a sample sentence or a sample answer, ‘I’m intuitive’. ‘Being intuitive really helps me in believing my decisions and learn each time if at all they were wrong.’ ‘This makes me and my intuitions even strong the next time to perform’, okay? Here’s how you put all these words in a long sentence. Alright, next word is, ‘practical’. A person guided by experience and observation rather than just theory. Are you this person? Are you very practical? Then here is a way you can answer this, ‘I am practical, if I have to answer it on one word’. ‘This makes me look at things in reasonable and a level headed way.’ Moving on to the next one guys, here comes ‘rational’. Alright, now there are some people around you probably you know some who are, guided by intellect more than anything. Now what does intellect mean? Intellect as in judgement, wisdom, thought or mind the brain power that comes through experience and observation. These people are rational people. They are usually guided by intellect, alright? Rational people are also very, very practical at the same time. They make decisions based on logical reasoning and not on emotions. In fact very less emotions while making decisions. Now of course it’s not always the best to be where you have emotions at all, but hey there are certain people who can take rational decisions especially when it comes to work and that is great. Let’s look at an example, ‘I am a rational person, I tend to look at the situations more practically and with logical reasoning.’ Isn’t this now professional? I know. So you can always use it this way. Next up is, ‘resourceful’. Guys, I really like such people. They are the ones who are clever, skillful or imaginative. That means this is a person who uses creativity and the things around them to tackle a problem. They sometimes see a solution in things that others just can’t see, okay? If you are someone who is like this, then go ahead and impress your recruiters by saying I am resourceful and say it with a sweet smile, right? Being resourceful, really benefits people around me and that is what motivates me. See how the small word and a short sentence can make a wholesome answer. Alright, next one is ‘witty’. Now this person is quick and inventive at showing verbal humour also with intelligence, okay? People usually who read a lot observe things very keenly and minutely are generally very witty. It is not just about making people laugh. That’s not just being witty, you need to be very, very smart to understand a witty person’s joke. Here’s how you can put it in a sentence if you are witty, ‘In one word, I’m witty, that is what I have got to know from my friends and family, they really boost my confidence whenever they say this’. Okay, you can always add a nice smile to this as well and it will give a great impression. Next up we have, ‘observant’. Observant is the person who is good at noticing things differently around them and that person is an observant, you can always say, ‘I am observant.’ I would like to describe myself as an observant, in one word.’ This is also how you can put it. This quality of mine helps me learn new things and in applying them in different situations as well, okay? Now that is how you can put it in an answer. Also guys did you know that Stand-Up comedians need to have this quality to write good jokes and to come up with a great script, that can make you laugh, based on small observations. Alright, next up is, ‘proactive’. These are the people who don’t wait for things to happen to them, they are the ones who will get up from their chair wherever they are sitting and they make them happen for themselves. Students these days are so engrossed in their phones that they are lazy and not at all proactive. But believe me, being proactive will take you further ahead in life and things won’t come to you just by sitting. You have to go behind them, you have to run behind them. Now if you are someone with such a quality, make sure you use this adjective, proactive. And guys lastly we have, ‘decisive’, right? Are you someone who can make decisions very quickly and confidently? Then you are a decisive person. Well guys the thing about this person is that, he is very fast in making decisions. So he can think very fast and come to a conclusion. You can always say, ‘I am decisive but this is only possible because of my rational thinking, my logical thinking’. See how we included two adjectives but gave only one word answer to begin with, make sure you use these otherwise as well to describe yourself or probably others just to understand the use of this, even better. Now guys make sure you go through many more lessons of mine, right here somewhere. Make sure that you keep practicing, write to me in the comment section what kind of a person you are, I will see you with another interesting topic very soon, right here, until then… keep practicing, keep smiling spread a lot of love, this is me Meera signing off for the day, ciao

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