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The difference between There, Their and They’re.

Finished watching the video, now its time to test what you have learned from this lesson:

___ dog is a husky called Snowy.


___ once was a bird called a Dodo.


My aunt and uncle are arriving today. ___ coming from New York.


Many years ago ___ weren’t any cars so people used to travel by horse and carriage.


Our neighbors have bought a second car. ___ new one is red.


Both of the cars are made by Ford. ___ both 4WD.


If you look over ___ you can see the sea.


Can you see where ___ buildings the new road.


___ address is 11 New Linking Road.


Do you know what ___ phone number is?


Where are Mark and Sally?
______ over there.


They’ve forgotten ______ bags.


______ is no drinking water in my room. Could you send some up please?


______ are several mistakes in this document.


I’ve met them before but I don’t know ______ names.


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A most common mistake what students make is the difference between There, Their and They’re in written English. This happens because these words sound the same when they are spoken. These Words sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Therefore the words they’re, their and there are Homophones.

What is the difference between There, Their and They’re?


There is the opposite of Here. It means “in that place” not here.

  • A: Where is my book? – B: It’s over there.
  • I will look for a hotel to stay when I arrive there.
  • There is/There are = to show that something exists.
  • There is a book on the table
  • There are many countries in Europe.


Their is a possessive adjective which is used before a noun. It shows possession, that something belongs to them.

  • Their house is big.
  • All of their friends were crazy.
  • The children put their books in their school bags.


They’re is a contraction of they are.

  • They’re happy = They are happy
  • They’re is usually before an adjective or a verb ending in ING.
  • They’re very interested in the project.
  • I personally think they’re crazy!
  • They’re singing loudly.

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