Tips to score higher in IELTS listening test.

As new academic sessions are rolling, students all over the globe will be preparing for English Language test for higher studies. One of such tests is IELTS. In this lesson, we will be discussing few tips and tricks to help you score better and boost your confidence instantly.


A lot of people have tendency to jump straight to the questions, without reading the question properly. The most common one is “Write no more than 3 word”. If you write 4-5 words here, you will lose your score as your answer won’t be considered.


It is important for students to be aware of different ways of expressing time; Quarter to, half past, minutes to, 13 hundred hours… etc.

Writing Skills:

Although, it’s a listening test, however, your spellings and grammar matter a lot. That means, if you make an error while writing, you will be losing the point.


Its okay to use abbreviation when you are writing, but you need to be aware of the standards abbreviation accepted by IELTS.

Practice tests:

There are various practice materials available, such as the CD, which is given with the material, through which you can practice. As it is said practice makes man perfect.

Tricky twists:

A lot of times, audio clips will not give you straight answers, so hold on to the question until you are sure that they are not talking about it any more

Teen Vs Ty:

Students get confused between numbers that sound similar, 19 vs 90. It is recommended to identify the stress in the number.


You have to look for clues when you look at the questions and that’s why you are given time to read the questions.

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