Tips & Tricks To Learn English Words Faster With The Blending Technique

One of the important aspects to speak English fluently is to learn and remember new English words. Intoday’s English lesson with Hridhaan you will learn Tips on how to learn English Vocabulary faster, with the help of the blending technique. These are new English words that are added to the dictionary and are real fun to use in your daily English conversations. These English words would certainly help you to speak fluent English and increase your word bank.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hi ladies and gentlemen, my name is Hridhaan and I welcome each one of you personally with a very big heart on my channel, Let’s Talk. Today’s lesson is again a very, very interesting, because in today’s lesson we will talk about some recent words that have been added to English dictionary. Without further ado let’s get started. The first word that we have in the list is “breakfast + lunch”, the technique that we are talking about today is the blended technique, wherein we actually blend the ‘first part of the first word’ and ‘the last part of the second word’. In the recent times you must have seen that people have started coining a word and that is called “brunch”. Branch is actually a blend of these two words, ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’. So for example if you did not have your breakfast, and before the lunch started you had something let’s say around 11:30 or 12:00ish and the blend of these two words it is neither the breakfast nor the lunch, so it is the duration is actually somewhere in the middle of breakfast and lunch, that word and that, that, that vocabulary that has been coined is called, “brunch”. For example, this morning when I started recording the videos for each one of you, I was so excited that I missed my breakfast and decided to rather have a brunch. So something that is in the middle of breakfast and lunch is called the brunch. Let’s move to the next word in the blended words “emotion + icon”. Now when you would like, when you like to express your emotions, let’s say on a WhatsApp or a Facebook using an icon, you see those cute yellow faces that we have when you use WhatsApp and for that matter Facebook that, those words are called, the blend of emotions and icon and they are called, “emoticons”. Emoticons, you stress the first part of the word and that is emoticons, let’s move to the next word in the list of blended words, blended vocabulary we have, “motor + hotel”, so we take the first part of motor and the last part of hotel and the word that turns out is “motel”. What is a motel? A motel is actually a place that you basically see on a freeway. Imagine that you go on a vacation and there’s no restaurant on the freeway and there is no hotel, now a hotel that actually runs in a motor, on a freeway is called a motel. For example, recently I was vacationing, I went to the Himalayas and we found a very nice motel, where we decided to relax for some time and then we drove back to the place that we were, we’ve basically headed to the place that we were going to. The next word is, “global + English”, so we take the ‘glob’ of global and the ‘ish’ of English language. So language that is spoken globally, all around the world is referred to as “globish”. So there are a lot of phrases in English language that are quite famous globally and those phrases are basically referred as the globish phrases. So if somebody says, hey dude the English that you’re speaking at the moment is wrong, then you can say if that phrase is globally used that it’s called, globish English. Let’s move to the next one, “situation + comedy”. This is quite an interesting one and you must have seen and heard this word quite a lot of times, we take the ‘sit’ off situation and the first part of comedy, this gets a little different because we’ve been using only the last part in the previous ones, this is the exceptional case here, we use the ‘sit’ of situation and ‘com’ of comedy and it changes to “sitcom”. So you must have seen a lot of shows on Netflix or for that matter other OTT platforms, those particular shows that are quite funny and they have situation as well, those shows are called sitcoms. The next one in the list of blended words is “smoke + fog”, it blends together and it becomes “smog”. What is the meaning of smog? Imagine in the, during the winters early morning wintertime, there’s a lot of pollution as well in the city and it’s quite foggy as well, so you do not see there’s a lot of fog on, on the road, you actually say, there’s a lot of smog on the road. One very important thing that we need to understand here is, the pronunciation of this word. A lot of people stretch on the ‘O’ sound, we do not have to stre, stretch on the ‘O’ sound, we just have to keep it short, and we say smog, one more time, we say, smog. Next word in the list of blended words is “spoon + fork” if you’ve gone to a good restaurant, you must see that there is actually a fork, that actually, also looks like a spoon because it’s, it’s got only two pointers to it, that fork is actually referred to as a brother of spoon, where, wherein it can be used for both the purposes as a spoon, as well as a fork, that becomes a “Spork”. So the ‘sp’ of spoon and the ‘ork’ of fork, becomes Spork. So the next time when you see a utensil like that, you have a word for it that is called a Spock. So don’t get confused, do you call it a spoon or a fork? It is actually a Spock. Next one is “work + alcoholic”. This is quite a commonly used phrase and it is, it is quite globish as well, which we take the ‘work’, the entire word together and ‘aholic’ of the first part, again the exceptional case here as sitcom and it becomes “workaholic”. So somebody who likes to do a lot of work, it does not means that somebody who drinks alcohol, somebody who’s an alcoholic and who works quite a lot is workaholic, no! It does not mean that. It means somebody who likes to do a lot of work, somebody who’s always working all the time, and does not want to possibly take rest, a person basically who likes doing a lot of work, that person is called, a workaholic. For example I consider myself as a workaholic, because I make all of these videos for you guys to make you, and to help you understand English better, so I consider myself as a workaholic, are you a workaholic or do you want to be a workaholic? Find for yourself. The last one in the list of blended words is a “breath + analyzer”. Can you guess what this word could be? I’m gonna write it for you until then, please think what could this word be? And so it is called a “Breathalyzer”. Now what is a Breathalyzer? Breathalyzer is actually a device that helps people check on their breathing pattern. People with asthma basically use Breathalyzer one that, when they are in the absence of the doctor just to check if everything is alright. The last one in the list of blended words is “camera + recorder”. Now you see, I’m recording this video for each one of you, now here is a word for such a function where we are using a device which does the work of camera and as well as a recorder and that is called, “camcorder”. A camera that has the function of recording of film as well, that is called a camcorder. This brings us to the end of the list of blended words that we’ve been talking about today, let’s quickly go through them, brunch, emoticon, motel, globish, sitcom, smog, Spork, workaholic, Breathalyzer and camcorder. This brings us to the end of the list of blended words that we have spoken about in this lesson. I hope you use these words and add them to your current set of vocabulary. I think each one of you for joining me on this video and I hope you subscribe to my channel, because I’m going to bring some amazing content for each one of you, in the recent future. Have a great day ahead and God bless.

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