Top 12 Brand New Words / Slang Added To The Dictionary in 2019.

Learning New English words is the best resource to speak fluent English. English language is constantly evolving and new words are constantly added to the English dictionary. In this English Speaking Lesson learn top 12 English words those made their way to the dictionary in 2019. These are some cool English words you would love to use in your Everyday English conversation. Your English Teacher Meera has explained each word with it’s meaning and how to use them in English sentences correctly. Do let us know in the comments, which one is your favourite words and you would love to use it in your spoken English.

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Complete Video Transcript : –

Hi guys, welcome back to Let’s Talk and this is me Meera and today we’re going to talk about some really, really new words that are recently added in the dictionary. Now obviously English is an evolving language, there are new words that are being added probably every day. So I have got some really, really funky words for you to use and add in your vocabulary. Let’s get started guys?

Well the first word for the day is ‘wordie’. Now it actually comes from words like foodie, where people are food enthusiasts, right? They are really, I am foodie, a big foodie. But I’m also a wordie, and that means I’m enthusiastic about new words. So whenever I hear people saying something new or if I’m watching a movie and I realize that, “Hey that’s a new word, I don’t know that.” So I would immediately go check the meaning and I would try to use it. Well for people like me and if any one of you out there are like me then wordie is the word for you. So you can say I’m pretty much a wordie that means you are a word enthusiast, okay? Word enthusiast.

Moving from wordie, the next word is ‘laggy’. Any guesses what that could mean? Well we talk about a lot of things lagging, right? Which are slow, right? So for example, “My Wi-Fi these days has been behaving pretty laggy.” That means it’s responding slowly, right? So slow responds. So when, when I was actually going through all these words, I was just thinking why are these really, really crazy words being added to the dictionary and I think that’s because the way our life has been and our lifestyle has changed, it’s so much to do about technology and particularly when it’s slow, all of us get really cranky and irritated about it, right? So that is the new word that you can use when your internet is slow or your Wi-Fi is slow you can say it’s behaving laggy or it’s laggy, okay?

Moving on ‘bongga’. Well guys now this is actually a word that means extravagantly costly, okay? Flamboyant that means something that is costing you a lot of money. Probably your spouse, your wife or your daughter or your friend is someone who likes extravagant and flamboyant things, so she could say that this birthday I need a bongga gift that means something that costs a lot of money, okay? Costs a lot of money. “That’s a bongga house that you have bought.” That means something that is really, really costly.

Okay, moving on we have ‘bingeable’. Another word that comes from the word binge. Well what does binge mean? What does it mean? It means something that you watch repeatedly, right? So bingeable means if I have to tell you that currently I’m watching this particular TV series, and it’s absolutely bingeable, I recommend you should watch it. So bingeable means something worth watching continuously, oops okay. Something worth watching continuously or back-to-back, right? So these are most probably series but you can say or you can tell your friends or family that, currently I’m watching this series and I recommend for you to watch it, it’s absolutely bingeable, okay?

Moving on guys, the next word I promised you, I am going to get you really funky words so the next word is ‘rando’ and it actually means it comes from the word random, okay? That actually is something that is, that gives you an unpleasant or unnecessary feeling, okay? Well you’re sitting in a group and you’re with a group of friends and there comes a person and just poking his nose into your business and saying, “Hey, so what are you guys talking about?” And once he leaves you end up saying things like, “What was this rando doing out here?” Okay or you can say, “Why does that guy talk about rando things.” That means unnecessary things, unpleasant things, random things. Okay guys I hope you’re having fun because I am.

Next word is ‘nothingburger’. What could that mean? Nothingburger actually means something that is insignificant, that lacks significance. For example his speech was full of nothingburger stories or phrases that means it lacked significance, okay? Lack of significance. Something that is not so important or essential or crucial, lacks significance is nothingburger.

Okay, moving on we have ‘hophead’. Any guesses what that could mean? Well guys hophead actually means someone who is a beer enthusiast, that’s right you heard me. A person who is a beer, beer enthusiast, okay? “Don’t act like a hophead, come on we need to have food.” That means you’re telling a friend of yours who is a beer enthusiast or probably is not that, “Stop acting like a hophead we need to have food now.” “Don’t keep talking about beer, I know you’re a hophead.” I know you’re a beer enthusiast but don’t keep talking about it.

Next is the word ‘glamping’. Well guys I’m sure some of you could guess this one probably but glamping actually is a combination of two words, any guesses? Let me write that down, glamorous, camping believe it or not this exists. Okay, now glamorous camping usually I think it’s so much inspired by the Instagram, grand Instagram life where people like to burn, put marshmallows and the steaks and have pretty fairy lights, which is unlike camping. Camping according to me is so wild and so natural where you are not just pampered so much. But I am sure glamping is definitely where you get pampered even though you’re camping in the wild and nature.

Well that being said the next is ‘eensy-weensy’. Now any guesses what that means? Well I know that this has been used quite a lot but this is a new entry in the dictionary at least. Eensy-weensy means something that is really, really tiny and really, really small, okay? Very tiny. For example, oh if you want to say that, you see a very cute baby you can say, “Oh my god! That baby has such an eensy-weensy nose.” Right? Such a tiny nose, okay? “Look at that, that’s an eensy-weensy box.” That means a tiny box.

Okay the next word is ‘douchey’. Any guesses what that could mean? Something that is really irritating or obnoxious. Someone whose behavior is irritating or obnoxious, okay? Irritating behavior. All right, I can always say for example that, “He apologized for his douchey remarks.” Right? Something that he must have said before that people got angry about and he apologized for it.

Okay next word is ‘hangry’. Any guesses what that means? It’s a combination of hunger and angry. So when you’re so hungry that it makes you angry that’s, that’s actually hangry, okay? Well don’t you think there are times in our lives or days when we’re just like, “You know what, just bring me food right now, I’m super hungry.” That means I will understand if you say this to me that you’re just hungry and that’s why you need food, okay? And then I’ll give you a nice plate of food and you’ll be happy again.

Okay guys the last word for the day is ‘douse’. Now what does that mean? It actually means something that you know, you pour liquid on and you extinguish it that means probably something is on fire right and you pour water on it and it extinguishes, that’s douse. But I can actually use it to frame a sentence differently for example someone is really, really enthusiastic about something and pumped up or charged up, people usually say that, oh my god he’s on fire or she’s on fire when people are performing really well and I can actually use this word and I can say things like, “Nobody can douse her enthusiasm.” That means nobody can extinguish her enthusiasm, right? That means extinguish. So you don’t need to use this word particularly to say things like the firemen came and they douse the house, they esting, they douse the fire. Extinguish the fire. You don’t need to say that always, you can use it to frame a different sentence in a different way.

Well like I promised here are your funky, funky and crazy words, new words that are part of dictionary. So please go ahead and try these and use these in your conversations. That’s all for the day, I hope you enjoyed it, keep smiling, keep practicing, spread a lot of love you guys, this is me Meera signing off for the day, ciao.


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