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We hope 2019 was a great year for you and you are all geared up to welcome the New Year 2020. To speak English fluently and confidently, you have to learn new English words.In this English Vocabulary Lesson, you will learn about English words that were searched the most and trended on social media. These are quite advanced and interesting English words and we are sure they would help you add some great English words to your vocabulary.

Your English teacher Ceema had explained how to use these words in your daily English conversation. These would would be helpful to speak English fluently, Ceema has shortlisted these words from Google trends, these words mostly trended on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, Youtube etc. Have Fun learning these trending English words and I will see you soon with one more English lesson in the New Year – Wishing Your a Happy New Year from the entire team at Let’s Talk

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hi everyone, now this lesson is probably the last lesson of this year, my last lesson not this year, so I was wondering what to do and I was surfing the internet and I checked out a website called “Google Trends”, now this website talks about what is trending, what have been trending for this year 2019 and I came across some really popular words, words most used in this year. now these words are used on social media like Instagram, Twitter and so many other platforms, so if you don’t know what they are stick with me throughout the video because I’m gonna share them with you. So our first word is “impeach” and it’s really no surprise that this word is really popular, do you know why? Well because this year there were charges made against President Donald Trump in order to impeach him, so what does it mean to impeach? It simply means that you are charging someone with a crime or misdemeanor. It could be any serious crime or abusive power that puts the nation at risk. however there are some people who don’t really understand this word, they think that impeaching someone means removing that person from power, well that’s not completely true because impeach means to charge someone with a crime, whether the person is removed from power or not totally depends on whether you can prove if he or she is really guilty. So in a sentence you could say, you need to have a strong case to impeach someone. Okay our next word now this word is more of a slang and has quite a few different meanings, so there are three different ways that you can use it, it could mean something legal, for example, are these insurance papers legit? Meaning, are they illegal? Or you could also use it to say that something is really good, so you could eat something and you could say, mmm… these cookies, they are totally legit. Or you could sometimes use it as a replacement of the word ‘very’ so instead of saying very nice you can say legit nice or legit awesome. For example I could say, that guy is legit awesome, meaning that he is very awesome. So there’s three different meanings for the word legit. our next word is, “stereotyping” now this word means that you are viewing people or things from a mistaken idea or a mistaken belief, that may be partly true but not true in all cases, for example, the common stereotype is that Asians are better at studies or Math, I mean I’m an Asian but I’m not good at math. and most people believe that African Americans are better athletes, well those views are or beliefs are very are not really true but they’re only true maybe for a small section of people from these communities, so it’s best not to stereotype or judge based on your limited belief. In a sentence you could say when you stereotype people based on their ethnicity it shows that you are a very narrow-minded person, so don’t stereotype. Okay another word is now used a lot because it is believed that even today there is a huge an equality between men and women so this word “misogyny” means that you have a deep-rooted and ingrained prejudice against woman. In other words there is this underlined belief that women are still the weaker sex. You could also say that women are stereotyped as being the weaker of the two genders. Now the difference between the words we learn stereotype and misogyny is, that stereotype is used for all kinds of people, but misogyny is related mainly to women. in India you know the interesting thing is that our movies actually show a lot of misogyny, because women actors are not, you know they’re not given the lead roles, they’re only used for eye candy, maybe for little singing and dance, so in a sentence you could say, a pay gap in the workforce between men and women, could be a certain sign of misogyny. Our next word. Well that’s “slapstick” and this word is used to talk about comedy that is based on deliberately clumsy actions and humorously embarrassing events. so in a movie when you see a clown that slips on a peel of banana or if someone’s pants fall off while talking, that’s very direct humor, humor that will generate huge amounts of laughter, you know it’s not subtle humor, it’s very in your face, in a sentence I would say something like, I don’t watch movies with slapstick humor, I just don’t find them very funny. So that’s the word slapstick for you. Okay our next word, now there are many people who just love themselves, right? I mean they love themselves, now that is not really a problem but it can be a problem when you feel that the world revolves all around you, so a person who loves himself in a very selfish way, without thinking of others is a “narcissist”. Now today’s social media culture is all about looking good, feeling good and doing things to make yourself happy and frankly it can give rise to a certain narcissistic culture. Actually if this problem goes on too far it can also become a psychological issue because as a narcissist you could be manipulative, you could be non-productive and a whole lot of bad things. So in a sentence I could say something like, I wonder if people obsessed with selfies are narcissists, do you? Okay then um, our next word is “minimalist” now this word refers to people who believe that, ‘less is more’ as far as things are concerned. So these people believe in having you know a much enriched life based on experiences and based on the philosophy that they don’t need to have a lot of worldly possessions in order to feel good. Now I believe I’m a minimalist, I might not really want to buy the latest gadgets or go buying branded outfits, but I might invest more time and money in traveling or just spending quality time pursuing my hobbies and you know little things like that. So in a sentence you could say, the minimalist lifestyle is more fulfilling and it’s definitely less of a burden, right? So that’s minimalist for you. Now there are some people who don’t say things directly, but they may make an expression that might hurt you, in an indirect manner of course. So a remark or an expression made while talking to hurt someone with the intent to hurt someone but not expressed directly is an “innuendo”. For example if I want to say that John is secretly having an affair with Mary, I won’t say it directly, but I might hurt John by saying, oh! Well John, you seem to be spending a lot of time at Mary’s place, right? Now that is an innuendo, so try not to use too many innuendos, because it may offend people. You know if you want to talk just talk directly. Alright, this phrase which is, “hissy fit” is a phrase that refers to an angry outburst or a temper tantrum. Now when using it you will say that ‘someone threw a hissy fit’, you will use the word ‘throw’ or ‘threw’ in that expression. Now when you threw a hissy fit well it means that you get angry or you get upset all of a sudden. Now this can be normal because we all get angry sometimes, right? But it’s best if you don’t throw a hissy fit too often, so in a sentence I could say that, when the actor was questioned about his private life, he threw a hissy fit. Meaning he just started yelling or probably started cursing at the person who asked him the question. Okay, and the next word, “thug”, hmm… Now a thug is a person who is a criminal or a person who is a part of a gang of criminals, but people now use it as a slang, it is slang to say that someone is really a very sharp and direct person who can insult people with their comments. So in a sentence you could say, don’t mess with Lisha, she’s a real thug. Which means that she will tell you things like it is. So in other words if this girl Lisha is upset she might give you a piece of her mind and she might be really bad and insulting when she does that. Okay so I guess it’s kind of being its kind of stylish to be a thug these days, but me personally believe that it is best to be polite and nice. Okay so don’t be a thug. Okay the next word now bullying by itself means that you are harassing someone but “cyberbullying” means that you are harassing someone over the Internet. And now cyberbullying happens in many ways, it is sometimes done when you message, mean messages, if you kind of send mean messages to someone on Direct, instant message or you could sometimes hack someone’s social media account, to harass them or you could threaten to reveal someone’s personal life on an online platform. It does happen a lot among the youth. I believe so we should really be careful about cyberbullying. So in a sentence you could say that cyberbullying is something that people need to fight every day, okay not very well but we have to fight it every day. Alright “Flight shame”! okay now this word means that a reluctance, means that you have a reluctance to fly by air, by plane because you are worried that it might release a lot of pollutants which are not the best for the environment. Now how many of you know the climate activists Greta Thunberg? Yeah she is the sixteen-year-old who started her speech at the United Nations in America with the scathing, “how dare you?” so she is someone who has flight shame because she prefers taking the more environmental friendly way of transportation. So the truth is that she actually traveled from Sweden, her home country to the US by a yacht, manned by 30 men. Well she definitely takes climate problems very seriously, right? In a sentence you could say, people concerned about environment, about the environment are now changing their travel habits because of flight shame. Okay our next expression “carbon footprint” okay now what is the footprint? A footprint means that there is a trace of something or someone being there, right? I mean if you came to my house and I saw your footprints it would mean that you were there at my house. So what is a carbon footprint? It is a trace of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere because of the pollutions caused by people, right? So this pollution can be traced back to us because we are the ones who caused it, right? so we should try and keep down the pollution that we cause… in a sentence you could say, I think it’s best that we don’t cause pollution and ensure that we don’t leave a carbon footprint, don’t leave a trace of any kind of pollution. Well that’s it for me on this lesson on the most searched or the most popular words of 2019. I’m sure you can use it every day in a lot of your conversations because they are very relevant to our culture today. I’ll be back with some more lessons in the next year but until then keep using these words and do put your comments on what and how you would use them, okay? I’ll be back with some more lessons take care bye

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