Learn English Unplugged – Travel with Niharika (Mumbai to Auckland) – Meet New English Trainers

Welcome to a new series of English lessons from our team in Auckland, New Zealand. This English lesson series is our attempt to make you learn English for the real world, the way it’s spoken on the streets. In this English Lesson travel with Niharika from Mumbai to Auckland, meet and welcome our new native English trainers and learn some useful English phrases and vocabulary for travel and shopping at the airport. Learn some vocabulary from the Mumbai and Hong Kong airport as you watch the video. Watch Niharika share her travel experience and some cool sneak peek of the upcoming English lessons from the beautiful city of Auckland.  Subscribe and stay tuned to get updates on all the new video lessons in this series.

Complete Video Transcript –

Hey everyone, you’re with me, Niharika and welcome to Let’s Talk. Well, I am right now at the Mumbai International airport waiting for my flight to Auckland, that’s in New Zealand because I am off to Auckland for some training sessions. So it’s gonna be more of work and vacation.

Right now I am waiting for the flight because it’s delayed by an hour. It was supposed to depart at 2 am and now it’s delayed by an hour. So we depart at 3 am. And till then I’m gonna show you around the airport to just get an idea, that we’re gonna do while we are waiting at the airport. So well I’m here at Starbucks waiting for my flight because I mentioned that it’s delayed by an hour. So while I’m waiting I’ve just ordered some caramel Frappuccino. Now caramel Frappuccino is a milk-based coffee which is mixed with some caramel. It’s nice and sweet and it’s topped with some whipped cream. Looks great, right? Well, it’s half done but yes it was amazing.

I am also gonna show you my baggage. Yes, well of course since I’m shooting for some lessons, we need too many cameras, too many lenses and lots of other stuff. So I’m just gonna show you around my baggage. So here are some of my bags. Of course, we have at least three bags that are checked in already. So, these are my carryon baggage. This is the one which is full of my laptop, my iPad, the chargers and lots of batteries. Yes because we’re gonna shoot a lot right. And this bag right here is another backpack and which has our cameras and our lenses and lots of other stuff. Then you see my favourite little, tiny carry bag. It’s called a stroller, that’s what we call it. It has these tiny wheels so that you know; you really don’t have to carry all those bags, the heavy weight. So this is a stroller and the stroller has a couple of my jackets and a couple of my clothes.

So, guys, I have another two hours of waiting before I board the flight. Yes, two hours are long but trust me super fun as well because I love airport shopping. So I’m gonna show you around the airport. I’m gonna tell you what are the different things that you can do while you are waiting to board your flight. So come join me.

Okay, guys so; are you ready to explore the airport with me? Well, come let’s have a look. So we’re gonna first look at a couple of duty-free shopping because that’s super cheap and super fun. So since you have a couple of hours before you board your flight go ahead and binge on some shopping, right? So we have several stores out here. We are at the Mumbai International airport and there are several duty-free stores. We have shoe stores. You can end up buying perfumes. You can buy some good alcohol and lots of things. So firstly we’re gonna look at, if in case you travel with kids, well there’s a perfect play zone for your kids. Come let’s have a look at the play zone. So the next time you are travelling with your kids and they are troubling you too much, well you know where to park your kids, right here.

So guys here we are. We’re gonna buy some beautiful Indian things for our friends. So these are gonna be tiny souvenirs for our friends in Auckland and we have Avinash with us and he’s gonna help us out with what we can pick up from the stores. So Avinash what are things that we can pick up from here? There are many things. So, you can buy for your home, for your friends and much other stuff you can buy which is created for your home. So we have got elephants, we’ve got Taj Mahals and lots of much other stuff, also for the home decor. We’ve got danglers, we’ve got t-shirts also. So it’s one place that you can find anything for your home and all. Yes. So basically very Indian. so if you really like the Indian culture and you love colourful stuff, so this is the store and you need to get in touch with Avinash because he’s gonna help you out.

So, guys, my next stop is at a bookstore where I am gonna pick up one of my favourite genres. Yes, I love reading and I think you should also pick up that habit of reading because that would really help you. And I have coincidentally one of our subscribers and that’s Praveen who is gonna help us to pick up one of the best books, right Praveen? Yeah, and he is also our subscriber. So he’s gonna tell you how our videos have really, really helped him. Actually, I watch many videos by Niharika ma’am and follow them and coincidentally that is why I did this and I joined here at the airport. That’s amazing Praveen, very nice meeting you, thank you so much. Thank you.

So, everyone, my next stop is at a clothing store. Yes, I love clothes. No doubt about it. So I’m here at Fabindia because while I’m waiting to board my flight, I would also like to pick up some clothes. So we’re at Fabindia, where we get our nice cotton clothes. In fact, the Indian word is khadi. They have some amazing stuff. So if you really, really like to wear cotton and feel great, especially in the summers, then this is the stall that you need to stop by.

So, guys, my next stop is at the accessory store and I really, really need a nice bag for my laptop. Yes, so are you gonna help me choose? Do you like this? Well, I love dogs and I love the pink colour, so is this nice? Or how about this one? Well, I’m gonna pick up one of these because I’m at an accessory store and I love these things. So I’m gonna go ahead and bill it.

Okay, guys, I am done with all that shopping. Yes, I saved a lot of money but that’s duty-free, right? So I’m done with my shopping and I am starving right now. So I’m gonna go to the food court and grab a bite. So come join me.

Well, guys hope you enjoyed my little tour at the Mumbai international airport and now it’s time for me to board my flight. So before I board my flight, I need to know which is my boarding gate. Yes, well your boarding gate is mentioned on your boarding pass. So to board your flight, you need to get to your boarding gate because there are so many flights that take off. So you need to get to your right boarding gate. And I’m gonna quickly have a look at my boarding pass and figure out which is my boarding gate? Well, I got it. So see you guys. I’m gonna go ahead and walk to my boarding gate.

So finally I am at my boarding gate which is gate no. 73 and if you see right here, well my first flight is to Hong Kong and we connect from Hong Kong to Auckland. So right here it still shows as estimated which means there will be a further delay. So let’s keep waiting.

Hi friends, good morning and well I am done with the first leg of my flight and I am here at the Hong Kong airport with my breakfast in the morning and I am really hungry. I had a wonderful flight from Mumbai to Hong Kong and now we are waiting for a flight to Auckland. So here I am, having my breakfast. I’ll see you guys.

Hey friends, now it’s time for my second leg, which is from Hong Kong to Auckland. yes, it’s gonna be a long flight, eleven hours, yes that’s tiring and I really didn’t sleep well from Mumbai to Hong Kong, so I’m gonna try to catch on some sleep and try to sleep for at least 8 hours. yes so I have my eye masks, that’s gonna help me to sleep better and I’ll head to the boarding gate for my flight from  Hong Kong to Auckland.

Hey all, right now, I am heading to the boarding gate. So I am talking some help from the walking escalators. Yes, I am standing on the walking escalators. Now remember guys when you are travelling and if you would like to use the walking escalators and if you just want to stand, then you stay on your left and you give way to the people who would like to walk on the walking escalators. So you leave the right and give way to people who would like to walk, right?

Hey everyone, so finally we are taking off from Hong Kong to Auckland that’s the last leg of my journey and I’m excited but really, really tired because it was such a long wait at the Hong Kong airport but finally I’m here. I’ve got a window seat and I think I’m just gonna grab some sleep because I’m really, really tired and I have flight entertainment. So, I’m gonna probably watch a movie and also grab a bite. So, guys, I will see in Auckland now, take care.

Hey everyone, finally we have arrived at our destination which is Auckland and I’m super excited. It was really a long flight and I have my friend Ryan here. Hey, and he’s come to receive us. So Ryan, say hello to everyone. Hi everyone. Yes, he is from New Zealand and we’re gonna have a great time with him. Looking forward to having you over, yeah.

Okay, guys, now here is our shuttle that’s gonna take is to our apartment and Ryan is gonna help me out here to just put in all the bags in there. So, we’ll just put in our bags and you can see our bags there also. So all our cameras are in there and join us guys. See you there.


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