Types (Genre) of Books & Magazines We Read – English Vocabulary Lesson

At Let’s Talk we always try to bring you English lessons that are practical and easy to implement in Real-life English conversations. Learning textbook English, such as Grammar, writing, reading would not make you fluent in English. You have to increase your vocabulary and learn short English phrases for everyday English conversations.

We all read books, do you have a favourite type or genre of books, either fiction or non-fiction? In this English vocabulary lesson learn the right English words to talk about type books and magazines. Do watch our other English lessons to make your English fluent. We have a library of more than 1500 spoken English lessons that would help you become fluent in English speaking easily. The lesson topics covered are English Grammar, English conversations, Building Vocabulary, Tips and tricks to speak English fluently faster, Improving communication skills, personal development, etc. Happy Learning!

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