Learn English Phrases & Vocabulary to talk about different Types Of Friends and Friendship.

We all have different types of friends and our friendship with them varies. Today, on friendship day, we bring you an English Vocabulary lesson to learn English Phrases to describe your Friends and Friendship. You may want to talk about your BFF and describe the kind of relations you share. This English training video would help you to grab new English vocabulary and Phrases to speak fluent English confidently. This English speaking practice lesson with Meera is a part of our free English speaking course to provide you with English practice and enhance your spoken English skills to speak confidently in the real world. We hope this English class will benefit you in learning English vocabulary and help you improve your English communication. At Let’s Talk, we have more than 1300 plus free English lessons which are divided into separate English courses and sub topics such as, English grammar, Accent Training modules, American English, British English, English conversation lessons, IELTS training and coaching, Tips to learn English, Job interview question and answers and much more to enhance your English speaking and speak English for the real world.

Complete Lesson Transcript :-

Hey guys, welcome back this is me your trainer Meera and I’m going to talk about something very special, special to you, special to me, and that’s friendship. We all know that this is something that is very close to our hearts, right? Why do we make friends? We make friends because we need someone to… as simple as, have a coffee with. We need someone to talk to. We want someone to take advices from, advice from, give advice, right? maybe to travel with someone, go on a trip, probably marry someone one particular day. Your father could be a friend, your mother could be a friend and I do not think we need a day, to celebrate it, we can celebrate it every day and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Well I have got few things for you right over here on the board and let me start explaining it. So, we all know, that we have our own pet names for our own explaining it. So, we all know, that we have our own pet names for our own brothers, sisters, sweetie… whatever you call them, but what are they to you? what do they mean to you? Are they your platonic friends? Are they just an acquaintance? Are they your 2:00 a.m. friend? What are they? So, let’s begin with platonic friendship is something that is beyond just calling someone my friend, they’re someone whom you have unconditional bond with, you know… they’re the ones who will complete your sentences who will be sitting across seven oceans and thinking exactly what you’re thinking they’re the ones who are whom you probably can call your best friends and it just feels like you were meant to meet them you know that that’s a platonic friendship and it’s very rare to find if you’re someone whom, whom you know and that’s your platonic friend make sure you keep that person very safe and close to your heart do not hurt that person okay so platonic friendship is unconditional okay trust worthy and very very loved right moving on acquaintances now that’s really not so opposite but yes in a lot of sense it’s quite opposite this is someone whom you’ve just met for a hi or a hello and you have just met someone very briefly for a short period of time and that’s how you know one another so probably say you meet someone tomorrow or you meet someone today and the next day someone asks you, “hey do you know Vivan?” you can always say “oh it’s just he’s just an acquaintance” that means you’ve just briefly met you’ve met for a few minutes and just probably said hi or a hello okay moving on to a 2:00 a.m. friend do we know what 2:00 a.m. friends are for they’re for everything they’re the ones there could be a platonic friends who could be there for you at 2:00 a.m. probably want an ice cream probably want to go out for a drive probably you just want to cry out to someone and even if they’re sleeping and they’re fast asleep they will answer your call they will come and help you even if you’re in the gravest of bad situations they will come for you even if it’s a happy moment they will come for you and that’s a 2 a.m. friend okay moving on to workmates now we all may we may think that hey our workmates really friends but it really depends on how well you bond with one another it really doesn’t matter if you’re in the same office or not probably you’ve met at a party somewhere and you have probably the same type of work and that’s how you become friends I do have a lot of work friends and not necessarily that we meet every day or we talk every day or we go for lunch breaks every day but yes there’s someone I can count on whenever I’m working or whenever I’m at office or for any suggestion especially when it comes to my work okay same line of work all right now do we have a lot of cyber friends do you have a lot of cyber friends now what our cyber friends cyber friends are people you meet on Facebook on Instagram on SnapChat probably Twitter and you just start talking to one another slowly and surely you end up forming a really sweet and a very nice bond with one another you might not want anything from each other but you’re just friends you just probably talk about things happening around on your page on his page or her page and probably would meet that person someday but hey you’ve never met this person you’ve just you just know them via social network right okay now moving on to what social friends now this is a little different from social network friend and how that’s because these are usually the people you meet in groups you know you have a set of group and you go or you go out for a party or for a dinner or for lunch and you end up meeting this person usually in a group of people not separately but in a group and you as your social circle is the same so you go for the similar parties you attend similar functions and that’s how you become friends so it’s just groups or similar groups okay moving on to friends with benefits guys these are the people I’m not sure if all of us have at all point of time but this these are the people whom who usually you contact or they contact you only when they have some work or they want to get some things done probably you want to let’s just say you want to attend a party and it’s a VIP party and you want passes so you would call his friend and say hey I really wanted to attend this party could you help me with the passes you’re obviously making sure that you are you benefit out of this friend right this is just an example of what friends with benefits look like okay let’s move on to frenemy this person is surely the person you don’t like so much you definitely dislike this person but you you don’t want to pick up a fight with this person you don’t you do what you don’t want to push this person away you’re okay with a very cold war zone okay so that is a frenemy whom you have probably a cold war with okay alright now what do I have for you I have few phrases that you can definitely use when comes to Friendship okay a shoulder to cry on now this kind of a friend whom you trust so much right here guys right this person is your probably your best friend like I said it could literally be your sister your sibling your brother your mother and this person you share everything with you can share your sadness your sorrow with that person and this person will make sure that he listens to you he will not judge you or she will not judge you and you can definitely cry on their shoulders it’s just very comfortable and you can share whatever you have to share with them okay to hit it off now this term I understand can be used for a lot of things but in particular with friends how would we use it let’s say you meet someone this you meet someone you meet this person just now just probably in two hours and you, you do not know if you’re going to get along with that person but what happens is that you find yourself cracking jokes laughing about some things sharing a lot of things and talking so much you basically have hit it off with that person it is a more natural bond you don’t have to force yourself to tell jokes or to make that person like you, you just happen to meet someone who is just like you who loves things just like you and you had a great time together okay to speak the same language now this is a very, very sweet thing about friendship is what I think that this person ends up understanding whatever you have to say maybe imagine you have your mouth is full of food and you’re trying to say something obviously that would that is going to sound a little gibberish to others but this friend will understand it all no matter what you end up speaking what small terms you end up using this friend understands at all you probably can complete one another’s sentence and that is speaking the same language so I have a childhood friend called Sahil and I can say that Sahil and I speak the same language that means we’re so close okay as thick as thieves what does this mean this means that you’re born and you are inseparable okay this means that you’re that means you’re inseparable okay and your bond is so thick that nobody can break you no matter even if that person is at fault you will make sure that you have that person’s back and that is being thick as thieves or having each other’s back okay moving on to a last one, one of my favourites as comfortable as old pyjamas now why is this there we usually have a set of a pair of shorts or a pyjama which is so comfortable that usually when we are when we want to sleep comfortably or just lie down for a lazy Sunday we usually wear our comfortable t-shirts and a pyjama and that is how comfortable your friend will make you feel when Deepthi is around when, when Raj is around I feel as comfortable as old pyjamas it’s like wearing old pyjamas this means you’re very comfortable with that person and that person makes you feel comfortable – okay now all of this is about friendship what I want you to do is quickly write to me in the comment section what you feel about friendship and tell me who’s your friend and what do you feel about that person what kind of friendship you share whether it’s a platonic friendship you is it your BFF is it your buddy your bestie who is it please write to me I’m waiting for this it’s a very, very exciting scent it’s a very, very exciting lesson and I know all of you are super excited about it just as I am go ahead and write to me so that is it for today I will be seeing you very soon with another lesson until then what are you going to do keep smiling keep practicing spread lots of love this is me your trainer Meera signing off for the day, ciao.

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