Useful English Phrases with ‘BRAIN’ for Daily Conversation.

In this English Lesson You Will Learn 10 Advanced English Phrases For Daily Conversation. All these English expressions have the word BRAIN in it. I simply loved preparing this lesson for you. I personally use many of these English phrases in my daily conversation. I am sure if you make use of these expressions, it will improve your English fluency and help you speak English fluently and confidently.

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Complete Lesson Transcript :-

The brain, most important organ of a human body. Well it’s considered to be the hard drive of a human body but in English we have so many phrases for you that has the word ‘brain’ and that’s what we are gonna learn in today’s lesson. Hey friends welcome back you’re with me Niharika and in today’s lesson we are gonna look at some English phrases with the word ‘brain’, yes the most important organ. Well we have some phrases for you that you can use in your conversation. So how to use them correctly and what exactly do they mean? Well let’s learn this today.

The very first phrase that I have for you is ‘brain box’. Now when do you use this phrase? Well when you come across an intelligent person. Do you have a brainy friend? Well I do. There are so many friends who are really intelligent. They have answers to all the questions. Like for example hey brainy box could you please solve this for me? So you go to a person who is extremely intelligent and you know it that this person can solve the answer for you then use the phrase brain box for him or for her. So a brain box is a phrase that you use for an intelligent person.

The next phrase that I have for you what the word brain is ‘a bird brain’. Well that’s completely opposite to the phrase brain box. A bird brain is used for a person who is absolutely brainless. Yes, that is also another phrase that you can use brainless for a person who’s so stupid or who’s so silly, yeah. We do come across people who are just so silly or so stupid that they just can’t get anything right. Yeah and that just makes you so irritated. Well calm down, just go ahead and use the phrase, “Ah! Look at you, you are such a bird brain.” So that means that you are brainless or you are really stupid or foolish.

Alright moving on to another phrase that you can use with the word brain is ‘brain fart’. Brain fart, what does that mean? Well here we are talking about, you know there are times when you just have this mental lapse you just can’t get the answer and the answer is so obvious like you have to know it and then you keep banging on your head and you just can’t get it right. For example if someone asks you, “Hey, when’s your anniversary?” And you just had a mental collapse, you can’t get it. When is my anniversary? Well you are having a brain fart, you can’t remember the obvious thing. Well your wife is gonna kill you for that. So be careful please don’t go through a brain fart. Make sure you know your birthdays and your anniversaries, alright? So brain fart is when you are unable to remember something very obvious. And don’t worry too much because this happens to each one of us, yeah? A brain fart that’s what we all go through at many times. So go ahead and use this phrase when you have a mental collapse.

Moving on to another one which is ‘brain child’. Now brain child is a phrase which is used for some original idea. Okay someone who comes up with an idea or of some invention that is by their own like they haven’t taken anyone’s help and it’s just the idea is done or invented single-handedly. Like for example you can use this in the corporate world in the business world if your colleague has come up with an idea or an invention that has worked out really great and he did not take anyone’s help it’s his original idea then that can be called as brainchild. So the marketing plan of my colleague John, has really worked for our company. It’s his brainchild. So this marketing plan this idea this invention is John’s brainchild. So brainchild is used for that original idea, alright? So if you know people who have come up with their own ideas single-handedly then use this phrase in English.

Moving on to another phrase that I have for you is ‘brainstorm’. Okay, what do you think this really means? Well brainstorm is used for a spontaneous discussion to come up with ideas. Like for example your company is facing a lot of problems, the sales are down and you’ll have to come up with new ideas to make profits. So how do you do that? Well let’s go have a brainstorm. So brainstorm is a spontaneous group discussion wherein all the team members sit together and work on a plan. Come up with various different ideas that should really work for the company. So again this is a great phrase to use in the corporate world. So especially when you are at work and you want to have a group discussion to come up with something new, especially for the success of your company or your team then use the phrase brainstorm, alright? So brainstorm is spontaneous group discussion.

Okay let’s move on to another phrase with the word brain which is ‘brain drain’. Wow that rhymes. Well what does this really mean? Well brain drain is used when a large number of people belonging to a country move out and start earning money or start living in a different country all together. Well because the other country pays them well or the quality of life is so much better. So that situation is called as brain drain. Like the country India has faced big brain drain in recent years. So which means that there are many, many people who have moved out to different other countries in order to make good money and in order to live a better life, okay? So if you or someone goes through this situation then that situation is called as a brain drain.

All right, let’s move on to another phrase that I have for you which is ‘brain wash’. Yes, brain wash it means to wash your brains? No! Well brain wash is a phrase that is used when someone tries to feed your mind with something and makes you believe that yes the things that I’m saying is absolutely right. You know when you keep telling or repeating the same stuff to a person making him or her to believe you completely then that’s brainwash. Yeah you are brainwashing his mind because you’re feeding stuff in his mind. He’s not thinking of his own it’s not his thoughts but it is what you are forcing him to think, okay? So for example if you have to use this phrase in your sentence you can say by using the word brainwash that you know my friend has been really brainwashing me to go ahead and stop talking to her. So basically it’s not your own wish, it’s your friend who has been forcing you and feeding stuff in your mind that’s making you to boycott someone, okay? So brainwash is feeding, feeding someone’s mind Repeatedly.

And then the last phrase that I have for you with the word brain is ‘brain teaser. So when do you use this? Well when a problem is really difficult, you know you’re not able to do solve it. You have to use your brains it’s really difficult it’s tough to answer or to come up with a solution. So such situations are called as brain teasers. Like you know at times when we are trying to solve a puzzle and the puzzle is so confusing you just can’t get it right you have to really put your brains in order to solve that puzzle. So if you have to use this in English in your sentence then you can say that, this puzzle is such a brain teaser. So it’s not easy it’s difficult, it’s difficult to solve it out. So it is such a brain teaser. So a problem or a situation or something that is not easy to solve is brain teaser.

All right so these are some phrases with the word ‘brain’. Well we can say brainy phrases that you can use in your English conversations. So start using them because that’s gonna make you more fluent and I’ll be back with a new lesson till then you take care.

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