Using Each Other and One Another correctly.

In this lesson, you are going to learn how to use each other and one another in a sentence. Both are reciprocal pronouns.

Each other:

Traditionally speaking, it is used when you talk about two people reciprocating an action or a feeling. But now a days, it could be used to interchangeably with ‘one another’. ‘Each’ and ‘other’ are written separately.

  • Example: Rick and Mary don’t like each other. (disliking is mutual)
  • Example: We got to know each other quickly.
  • Example: They are kind to each other.
  • Example: They are kind to each other.

One another:

Generally, it is used to talk about an action that reciprocates between more than two people. ‘One another’ are two separate words. It could be interchanged with ‘each other’.

  • Example: Everyone in the family gave one another presents.
  • Example:  John, Lara and Cindy helped one another.
  • Example:  The team members fight with one another.
  • Example:  We often stayed in one another’s house.


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