Using ‘Enough’ with Adjectives, Adverbs and Nouns.

In this English grammar lesson you will learn how to use the very common word ‘Enough’ correctly with adjectives, adverbs and nouns.

Enough –

Enough means as much or as many as required. It could also mean to the required degree or extent (used after an adjective, adverb, or verb)

Enough After Adjectives And Adverbs

We usually use enough after adjectives and adverbs. Let’s see the following examples.

  • He didn’t get the job because he wasn’t old enough. (not ‘enough old’)
  • We won’t be rich if we don’t work hard enough.
  • She’s not old enough to work in the factory.

Enough Before Nouns

We also can put enough before a noun. Let’s see the following examples.

  • I don’t have enough money to buy the car.
  • We just have three eggs for a week. We don’t have enough eggs.
  • Please put enough salt into the soup!

We hope this English lesson would help you to understand and use the word ‘Enough’ correctly in English.


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