Using the ‘future perfect continuous tense’ – I’ll have been working

In this lesson, you will learn to use the future perfect continuous tense. It is not very commonly used, as people do not know its usage.

It expresses longer actions or states extending up to some specific event or time in the future.

  • Example: John will have been waiting for an hour by the time I meet him. (John starts waiting at 9am. I am late and cannot arrive before 10am)
  • Example: Next month I‘ll have been studying Chinese for two years.

With a time word, to talk about an action which starts before a time in the future and continues up to that time.

  • Example: In August 2015, I will have been teaching here for two years.

(I started in August 2013 and still teach here now, probably I will continue after                 August 2015 but we are not sure).

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