Using ‘Have’ – 10 Hidden meanings you never known

This ESL lesson will help you to learn about the different ways in which the word, “have” can be used. It is a simple word but has many different meanings. In this English lesson let’s have a look at some of them.

Possession – to own something

Ex: I have a new car/ I have an iPhone.

Illness – to have some type of sickness

Ex: I have a terrible headache/ I have a cramp in my leg.

Birth – to deliver a baby

Ex: She is going to have a baby next month.

Eating – lunch/dinner or any meal

Ex: Let’s have dinner together tonight.

Hygiene – talk about personal cleanliness

Ex: Please have a shower; you are sweating a lot after playing so much football.

Travel – talking about a journey by road, train, flight, etc.

Ex: We had a seven hour flight to Australia.

Done – to get some work done

Ex: I’ve had my hair cut today.

Accidents – any kind of accident

Ex: They had a car accident last month.

Sleep – to talk about going to sleep

Ex: I’ll have a good night’s sleep now.

Days – to wish someone’s/ to want someone’s day to go well

Ex: Thanks and have a nice day.

We hope this English lesson helps you understand the different ways in which the word ‘Have’ can be used in English conversation. Keep practicing English and become a confident English speaker.

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