04 Effective ways to survive office politics

In this Skillopedia session Niharika will share a few tips with you on how to survive office politics. If you are a working individual at some point or the other you may be a victim of office politics or may witness it at your workplace. In this Skillopedia session you will learn how to find your way out of such situations and maintain a positive mindset at work.

Examine yourself.

Yes you need to first understand if you are just over reacting or if your colleague or boss is actually creating issues for you at work.  Perform a self-analysis to understand yourself and your reactions to situations and people. Make sure it is not just a bad temper that’s making you feel this way and only then decide if you actually need to bother about someone creating any issues for you at work.

Approach the person you are facing issues with.

Yes it is a good idea to walk up to the person and have a genuine discussion. The important thing to remember is that, this has to be a one on one discussion i.e. it has to be in private. Since you are working in a corporate world, it’s very important to not let your emotions get the better of you and create a scene in front of your coworkers. Do make sure that the person understands how much their actions have troubled you and resolve the situation in a professional manner.

Share your experience with your friends or a trusted colleague.

A situation where you are being targeted by someone at work is frustrating and hence it is necessary that you share your feelings with a trusted friend or a colleague. This will help you to feel less stressed and find a way to deal with the situation at hand. Do not let the problems that the person may try to create affect you negatively. Instead talk about it to a trustworthy person and be positive.

Ignore the person.

Yes at times no matter what you try the person who wants to target you may still find ways of creating issues. Hence it is best to avoid any situation like a project for example which that person is a part of. While doing this make sure that your work does not get affected negatively.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and that if you have to face any negative situation at work you can easily come out of it.




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