7 English Words that make you sound Less Confident!

Certain English words spoil your impression and make you sound less confident in spoken English. We tend to use these English fillers, when your though process comes to a halt. In this English speaking lesson with Niharika, learn English phrases and Vocabulary that you should avoid while learning English and public speaking. These words make you sound not so fluent in English and creates a bad impression about your communication skills. 

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Complete Lesson Transcript :-

Actually I was gonna tell you about the words like, um like you know, just like, would you really want me to teach you like this in this manner using these words? Well it just seems that I’m not very confident about what I’m teaching. So there are some words in English that people tend to slip into their conversations and that just makes them sound less confident and that’s what we are gonna look at in this lesson today. Hey friends, it’s me Niharika, well at times when we are having a conversation we tend to use certain words that make us sound less confident. Well this happens unconsciously. We don’t really mean to use these words but they just pop out, out of our mouth. So we are gonna look at these words which we should definitely avoid. People generally use these words to buy time to think to what they want to say. But avoid them if you want to come out as a very confident person. What are these words? Well that’s what we are gonna look at.

The first word that I’m gonna help you with is ‘actually’. So when do we use the word ‘actually’ in English? Well when we have to emphasize our statements. Okay, so if you want to emphasize on what you are saying, you can use the word ‘actually’. But, if you end up using the word ‘actually’ every now and then, then people are not gonna take you seriously. You would just sound very uninformed and pitiful. For example, this is what people make a mistake with, for example they end saying that, “Actually I was about to do this, but actually, I totally forgot, actually I was gonna come but I couldn’t make it.” Actually, that’s the problem. You don’t have to slip in this word in each and every sentence that you say. If you tend to use this word as a filler you are not gonna sound confident and people will not take you seriously. So I know it’s difficult but try to delete this word out of your vocabulary, okay? Please tend to avoid using, “actually this happened” and “actually I went there” and “actually I couldn’t move” well, actually you need to take this word out of your vocabulary. Just use it when you have to emphasize a statement of yours, okay?

Moving on to another word which is commonly used by many people, of course this word just comes out unconsciously, even I tend to use the word ‘basically’ many at times but yes, even I need to cut this down. So when do we use the word basically? Well we use this word when we have to summarize on what we just said. So when you have to summarize your conversation, you can end it by saying, “Basically this was the whole situation.” or “Basically this was the reason why I could not go there.” But, many people use this word as a filler. “Basically I just want to tell you that you need to work on these sheets.” “Basically you will be late to work.” “Basically I will be out of time.” Stop using the word ‘basically’, okay? It is also considered as very unprofessional and people will not take you seriously if you use the word ‘basically’ way too much, okay?

Moving on to another filler or the word that would make you sound less confident is the word, ‘like’. Now in English we use the word like when we really like something, like when we adore something or you also use the word ‘like’ when we find similarities between two things, okay? Something common in two things, “Oh! This dress is just like mine.” Okay? We end up using the word, ‘like’. But many people slip the word ‘like’ in their conversation just like that. Like they end up saying, “Like you know what I was trying to tell you,” “Like we had a great time,” “Like the movie was so amazing, like it was just perfect.” Well why to add the word ‘like’? It’s an extra word. Why waste your time and energy using the word when it’s not required. So again please take out the word ‘like’ if you tend to use this involuntary in your sentences, okay?

Moving on to another one which is again just use the word like, ‘just’. “Just wanted to talk to you.” “Just wanted to spend time with you.” “Just thought of calling you.” “Just thought, catching up for a movie.” So why use the word ‘just’ at the beginning of each and every sentence that you have to say, okay? It’s again considered as a very bad filler and if you tend to use the word just for everything then please stop using it, okay? So no ‘just’. Just say, that “I would like to go for a movie.” “I want to talk to you.” “I want to spend time with you.” Not using the word ‘just’, okay?

Moving on to another one, ‘kind of’, ‘sort of’. Now people use this, “The movie was ‘kind of’, ‘kind of’ weird.” The song is ‘sort of’, ‘sort of’ different. Well ‘kind of’, ‘sort of’ is generally used by people who just seemed to be so confused. It just seems that they cannot have a control over the situation. So when people, especially who belong to the corporate world if they tend to use the words like ‘kind of’ and ‘sort of’, it will not make them sound professional. The boss is not going to appreciate it, the clients are not gonna like it and the colleagues are definitely not gonna like it. So using the word ‘kind of’ and ‘sort of’ just makes you sound less confident and just makes you sound very unreliable. So stop using these words like ‘kind of’ and ‘sort of’ because these words may backfire upon you. So please don’t use ‘kind of’ or ‘sort of’ in your conversations.

The next one, ‘sorry’. Why do we use ‘sorry’? Well to apologize, right? But have you heard people coming up to you and say, “sorry, I just wanted to talk to you.” “Sorry, I just made a call but she hung up.” Sorry, I tried to make it.” Why use the word ‘sorry’, when you are not here to apologize. Slipping in the word ‘sorry’ in each of your sentences, in a conversation of course doesn’t sound great. Now just use the word ‘sorry’ to apologize, okay? But where apologies are not necessary why is the word ‘sorry’ unnecessarily, right? So please delete the word ‘sorry’ if you have been using in your sentences. Yes! If you make a mistake and you want to apologize then please do use the word ‘sorry’, okay?

And then the last one which is commonly used by teenagers these days. Well the f-bomb. Well I hope you got what I’m saying the f-word. Yes we have many curse words in English that youngsters love to use in each and every sentence of theirs. Stop using it. It just comes out in a very offensive manner, you do not sound great? What people think you sound cool? No! People are not gonna appreciate you using the curse words. Using the F words like for everything that you want to say that for example you get hurt and you say, “F***, I got hurt.” “F***, I missed the movie.” “F***, we are late.” Why use the F word just say that “we are late”. “Oops, I got hurt.” “Ouch, it hurts.” Right? So stop using the offensive curse words in your sentences people are not gonna like having a conversation with you and of course people are not gonna take you seriously, right?

So these are some fillers that people tend to use in their statements or in their conversations if you are using it then please try to avoid using them I know it’s quite a difficult task because you’ve been doing this probably all your life but stop using it and come out as a very confident person when you speak English and I’ll be back with a new lesson soon till then you take care


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