English Lesson 85 – To fight tooth and nail – Daily video vocabulary

Sometimes you use all your means and resources to achieve something in your life, or you put in a lot of efforts to oppose someone or something. To fight tooth and nail basically means to use all your resources to win a struggle. So to overcome a difficult opposition with someone, you fight tooth and nail. To win, you give it your best shot and leave no stone un-turned.

So when you fight tooth and nail for something, you will do anything and everything to get what you want. You will use all your means or resources to be an achiever or a winner.
For example, when two countries are battling a war, they fight tooth and nail, it means they use all their resources like manpower, weapons and technologies. To win, they are ready to even sacrifice their lives for their country.

Example 01 : James told Maria, ” What a tough match ! They fought tooth and nail to win the world cup.”

Example 02 : Ben assured his father, “I’m going to fight tooth and nail to win the Inter-school elocution competition.

Example 03 : To increase the literacy rate, The people fought tooth and nail to get new schools opened in their town.

Example 04 : Both of the brothers, Peter and Andrew fought tooth and nail to get a higher share in their family business.

Example 05 : Michelle told Kelly, “if my family disapproves of my boyfriend, I will fight them tooth and nail just to be with him.”

Example 06 : The senior doctor fought tooth and nail to revive the patient who met with a fatal accident, he resorted to all the means like using the shock treatment.

Example 07 : In some countries, women had to fight tooth and nail for their basic rights such as education.

Example 08 : Richard is fighting tooth and nail to gain custody of his children as he is he divorcing his wife.

Example 09 : On a lonely street, when Jack was attacked by a gangster, he fought tooth and nail, and later managed to reach the police station.

Example 10 : During the promotion of a film, the fans and photographers fought the security tooth and nail to get a glimpse of their favorite star.

Example 11 : Little John and Mary always fight tooth and nail to get the first turn to play games on their father’s laptop.

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