Test Your English Level- Graded Quiz


This is a quick English test. There are fifty sentences and you must put the correct word into the gap by clicking on it. At the end of the test you will be given a score and your approximate English Level.

Please note this is a quick test to understand your English level and cannot be used as a proof of your level. It should give you fair idea at what level you need to start learning English.

1. John _________ American.


2. _________ there an ATM nearby?


3. I didn’t _______ dinner last night.


4. Look! The train _________.


5. I have never ___________ to Paris.


6. ______________________ to go out to an Indian restaurant tomorrow?


7. To get to the store,____________ at the end of this street.


8. Excuse me, _______________ time please?


9. Dubai has ____________________ building in the world.


10. I think I’ve got a cold, I can’t stop _________________ .


11. My parents ______________ married since 1980.


12. Hurry up or we will ____________  the bus!


13. You are from India, _________________?


14. I don’t know many people __________ still don’t use a computer.


15. My sister ____________ me to buy some sugar.


16. I wish I _______________ study every day!


17. You should ___________ my suggestion.


18. How much time do you spend _______________ Tennis?


19. You should _________ for help if you are lost.


20. Are you going to the mall? _________ with you.


21. A lot of computer hardware ___________ in China.


22. What is this ________ in Spanish? I can’t remember.


23. If we  _________ earlier, we wouldn’t have been late for the movie.


24. By 2025 I think we will ___________ a human settlement on Mars.


25. There were _________ of people at the Cricket match on Friday.


26. Do you fancy _________ away for the new years?


27. _____________ to bring your ID card. You will need it to enter the school auditorium.


28. Rahul – I have had a headache for three days.
Ria – ___________ to the doctors.


29. There are so many participants sick, we’ll have to put the event _________ until next week.


30. John : Where’s your bike today?
Peter : It _________ repaired.


31. If the people on the beach _________ him, he would have drowned.


32. The travel _______________ much longer than I expected.


33. He didn’t enjoy the new school as he had _________ friends there.


34. There’s _________ in applying for the teacher’s job. I’m not qualified for it.


35. Please remain seated _________ the plane comes to a complete standstill.


36. It’s _________ to go surfing alone.


37. Ria’s looking forward _________ her new job next week.


38. There’s no point waiting, It’s almost midnight. He _________ be coming now!


39. The car _________ start this morning, so I was late for work.


40. You _________ be really excited about your trip to London.


41. It looks _________ it’s going to rain.


42. _________ more at college. I’d have a better job now!


43. I was _________ when I heard I’d got the job.


44. My teacher _________ on readable handwriting at all times.


45. It’s important that everyone in the group _________ each other.


46. Richard denied _________ the money.


47. The CCTV footage provided _________ evidence that the suspect was guilty.


48. There is ___________ traffic in Mumbai.


49. The ancient Egyptian artifact which was stolen from the museum last week is _________.


50. It’ll be fine __________ you do it the way I told you.


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