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Hey English learners, welcome to one more English lesson to Improve your English Speaking Skills. Well the Year is round the corner and we all are gearing to welcome the new year, isn’t it. But do you only attend new year party, of course not, we all go to different parties throughout the year. But, do you know the exact English vocabulary and names of these common parties we all attend. In English vocabulary lesson, you will learn the names of some common parties, know their correct names, so that you can use the right vocabulary in your English conversations.

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Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hey friends, welcome back, you’re with me, Niharika and today we are gonna have a party. Well we are gonna look at certain vocabulary for different types of parties. Yes, well have you ever been invited for a party? What kind of party was it? You gotta give me details. So in today’s lesson we have different types of parties, I’ll help you with the meaning of it and what exactly people do at such social gatherings. So the first type of party that I have for you is, a “baby shower”. So what is a baby shower? Well baby shower is a party given for a woman who is pregnant. Oh yes someone who is just gonna have a baby, well all her friends tend to throw a baby shower for her and they give her presents for the baby, isn’t that awesome? So it’s a very adorable party usually people have different themes, like if the woman knows what is she gonna have like if she’s gonna have a baby boy, then everything is gonna be like in blue and people or her friends will give her gifts for the baby, okay? So a baby shower is a party for a woman who’s pregnant. Alright, moving on to the next type of party that I have for you is a “bachelor party” or a “hens party”, that’s quite an interesting name. Well bachelor party is typically for men, well it’s thrown for a man who is about to get married. Yes the last days of fun before marriage, so that’s bachelor party. So remember bachelor party is a party thrown for a man who is getting married, who’s about to get married. However we have hens party, so when bachelor is for men well hence party is for the women. So the woman who is about to get married, like she’s probably getting married like in few days, so her friends will throw a hence party for her, yes so bride-to-be remember you might have seen certain pictures on your Facebook or on social media like the girl who’s getting married she’s wearing this sash that says bride-to-be. So yes so basically they are having a hens party, they’re having a social gathering for the woman who is getting married, okay? So hens party is for women. Moving on to another type of party which is “clambake” that’s quite an interesting party as well, especially if you love eating seafood. Well clambake is a social gathering, however it happens outdoors and it’s usually a feast of seafood, okay? So if you really, really enjoy eating clams, lobsters, shrimps then clambake party is so much fun, okay so it’s basically an outdoor party with seafood. So they serve all types of seafood, okay? Moving on to another type of party which is, a “cocktail party”. So a cocktail party can be with your friends, with your family members or even for business networking. So cocktail parties is more like a formal party where alcoholic drinks are served, okay? So usually when someone has just got married, they will throw a cocktail party, or it’s their birthday, so they’re gonna have a cocktail party, so it’s a very nice formal event. It’s a formal party where alcoholic beverages are served, okay? The next one is “costume party”. Well it is also called as a “fancy dress party” so in some countries it’s known as a costume party and in some countries it’s called as a fancy dress party. So where people are dressed up in different costumes, like for example a Halloween party, like when people are celebrating the Halloween which is on October 31st, they end up having a costume party, where they wear different costumes, like someone is dressed up like Alice in Wonderland, or a man is dressed up in pirates costume, so people are dressed up in different costumes, it’s quite a fun event, so that’s costume or a fancy dress party for you, okay where people wear, people are dressed in costumes okay? Moving on to the next type of party is a “house party”. Yes I totally love house parties because, you feel so comfortable, like you are not drinking out, you’re not partying out somewhere else, you are at somebody’s house so it’s more safe and you can have too much of fun, like you groove to music, you sip on your drinks… so a house party is when all your friends or your family members are gathered at somebody’s house, okay? So that’s a house party. So you are not basically in a restaurant or at a party place partying, you are partying at someone’s house, so that’s a house party for you. Moving on to the next one is, a “jamboree”. So Jamboree party is a very, very lavish party. So people are dressed up in their best of outfits and it’s a big feast, it has more of entertainment, okay, they end up calling some musicians or some artists, so it’s a very grand event. Now there are different reasons to have this kind of a celebration, maybe your wedding or probably someone is just celebrating their 25th anniversary, so it’s a very lavish event so when you are invited for a Jamboree, you have to make sure that you’re really dressed up well, and it’s a great grand event, alright? The next type of party that I have for you is a “masquerade party”. Well, have you ever attended a masquerade party? Because it’s quite fun. Masquerade is so where people are again dressed up in different costumes and they wear masks, okay? Even in the movies you might have seen, people attend masquerade ball, so those are these parties wherein people wear masks and then they’re dancing and sipping on drinks and it’s a good time that they have, so people were costumes and masks. And the next type of party that I have for you is a “pajama party”. Oh yes, that’s like another favorite type of party that I really enjoy. Well, pajama party is for girls especially, where all the friends meet up at someone’s house, for a night stay. So what do you do? You don’t really sleep, but you have too much of fun you like dancing, singing, gossiping, chatting… so it’s very typically a pajama party is for girls, okay? So girls who meet for a night stay. That’s like the best way to spend your weekend, catch up with all the girls, have a great time, spend the night with them and that’s pajama party for you. Then we have a “sundowner”. Well, usually when you think of a party, the first thing that comes to your mind is that, okay it’s gonna be a night party, so like you’d be all dressed up and you’ll be going in the night, but guess what? There are sundowner parties as well, and they’re really nice because you are enjoying the sunset. Well sundowner parties usually begin around 4:00 p.m. and they end at about 8:30 – 9:00 okay, so the party goes around to 9:00 p.m. So basically, people are probably dressed up in like nice spring clothes, they’re like nice colorful, women wear nice colorful dresses and men are also not very formally dressed, very common sundowner parties are at the poolside, okay, so you are like enjoying the music, you’re sipping on your drinks and you’re enjoying the beautiful sunset, so that’s a sundowner party for you. And then the last type of party that I have for you is an “after-party”. Yes after-party, is a party of course which is after a big event, so probably you had gone for a theater performance, or there was a big business event that you had to attend, so after the event there are companies who organized an after-party for all their team members, fun, that’s like so much fun. You are already attending an event and then you’re having an after-party, that’s like so much fun, right? It’s a crazy day for you. So after-party is when people celebrate a party after a big event. Okay, so these are the different types of parties, so now the next time you are invited for a party, you know what exactly this party is all about, and you can always talk about it. So I’ll be back with a new lesson soon, till then you take care and have fun at any of these parties.

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