Binomial word pairs with the conjunction ‘OR’ – English Grammar

If you are learning English, it is important to know binomial pairs and the way they are used while speaking in English. A binomial pair is an expression containing two words which are joined by a conjunction (usually ‘and’ or ‘or’). The word order of a binomial pair is usually fixed. In this lesson today you will learn binomial pairs using the conjunction ‘or’

Sooner or later –

This expression means that something will definitely happen, although it is not when it will happen.

Example – We are all going to die sooner or later.

More or less –

Using this expression means speaking imprecisely / approximately.

Example – Just give me another minute – I’ve more or less finished.

Take it or leave it –

When you negotiate using this expression is  your last offer: you are not going to negotiation further or allow the other person to negotiate

Example – $300 is my final offer for this gown, you may take it or leave it.

Make or break –

To be the factor which decides whether (something) will succeed or fail.

Example –  This football match is a make or break for us. If we lose this we are out of the league.

Win or Lose –

It means whether you succeed or fail/ no matter what

Example –  win or lose, the important thing for him is to set a good example to his side.

Now or never –

his expression is used to convey urgency.

Example – It was now or never, I had to move fast and help them to win the game.


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