Difference between – Migrate, Emigrate & Immigrate

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1. To move from one region or habitat to another, especially regularly according to the seasons” in the case of animals, particularly birds and fishes.


2. To leave one’s own country in order to settle permanently in another is called ______________ .


3. According to New York Times – People are always saying there’s no quality of life in Russia, and everyone wants to ______________.


4. When my grandparents decided to ______________ to the Canada., there was no one waiting for them here.


5. We have to go through ___________ so that we are allowed to enter the country.


6. The family decided to ___________ to Australia to provide a better education for their children.


7. The Patels do not live here any more. They are ______________ because they have resettled in Hong Kong.


8. Millions of Germans ______________ from Europe to America in the 19th century.


9. People from the countryside are __________ to the large cities in search of work.


10. If I want to go on a trip or a vacation to some foreign  country, you are ___________ .


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In this ESL lesson, you will learn the difference between the words migrate, immigrate and emigrate. These words are commonly confused, so it’s important to know the correct usage in everyday conversation.

Migration is the movement of People, animals, birds, etc. It could be seasonal, it is not permanent, and it is temporary. Certain birds migrate to the south in winter.

  • Examples: sharks, whales, elephants, hummingbirds, etc.
  • Many people migrate for work to different countries.
  • I have never migrated.

The noun form of migrate is migration and the past tense is migrated

Immigrate; is related to people only, it is permanent movement, moving into another country The noun form is immigration and the past tense of the verb is immigrated

  • The immigrants were very skillful. (Immigrants are people who move into another country permanently)
  • When did you immigrate to this country?
  • Immigration rules are strict in some countries.

Emigrate is to permanently leave your country.  It is related to people only Emigration is the noun form and the past tense of the verb is emigrated

  • They are going to emigrate from America.
  • He emigrated from Australia after he got promoted.
  • Emigration is a major decision to take.

We hope this English vocabulary lesson has made the meanings and the differences between these words clear. Please continue practicing to become fluent in spoken English.

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