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English Expressions with the Word ‘BOOK’

In this English lesson take a look at some English expressions with ‘book’

Try every trick in the book

Every clever or dishonest way that you know to achieve something that you want.

Example : He used every trick in the book to get her to sign the contract.

An open book

Available for anyone to see or know about your personal life.

Example :Your health secrets will be an open book to anyone who can do an online search.

Wrote the book on

To be very authoritative about something; To Know nearly everything about, (Always in past tense.)

Example : Ted wrote the book on unemployment. He’s been looking for work in three states for two years.

To borrow a book of somebody’s book

To copy something that someone else does because it will bring you advantages

Example : Maybe I should borrow a page out of Robert’s book and start coming in at ten every morning.


One who spends much time reading or studying.

Example : She was always a bookworm when she was a kid.

One for the record books

A record-breaking or very remarkable act.

Example : What a dive! That’s one for the record books. I’ve never heard such a funny joke. That’s really one for the record books.

Hit the books

To study hard.

Example : I spent the weekend pounding the books. I gotta go home and hit the books. I have finals next week.

Going by the book

To do something exactly as the rules tell you.

Example : My lawyer always goes strictly by the book.

Cook the books

To record false information in the accounts of an organization, especially in order to steal money.

Meanng : One of the directors had been cooking the books and the firm had been losing money for years.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Something that you say which means you cannot judge the quality or character of someone or something just by looking at them.

Example : She doesn’t look very intelligent, but you can’t judge a book by its cover.

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