Using the phrase ‘A pair of…(something) correctly.

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1. The phrase ‘a pair’ is:


2. The plural of a pair is ‘pairs’:


3. This pair of scissors ______ sharp.


4. A pair of ___________ is in the drawer.


5. My trousers ______ in your cupboard.


6. Five _________ of gloves are kept on the table.


7. A pair of ________ is under the bed.


8. The pairs of scissors ______ blunt.


9. The pair of slippers _______ old.


10. Many pairs of shoes ______ on sale.


Question 1 of 10

In this English Grammar lesson, you will learn how to use the phrase ‘a pair of’ in the singular and its plural form. There are certain rules to be followed while using this phrase.

‘A pair of’ is used for two things that come together or used together. For example a pair of shoes, a pair of scissors etc.

A pair of:

When you talk about just one pair, you use ‘a pair of’ followed by the noun in the plural. This is because there are two objects that comprise a pair. But the verb following ‘a pair of …’ is always singular as we are talking about one pair.

  • Example: This pair of shoes is smart.
  • Example: Your pair of glasses is broken.
  • Example: The pair of diamond earrings is expensive.

In the above sentences, the nouns, shoes, glasses and earrings are in plural, but the verb in each of the sentences is singular.

‘Pairs of’:

When you talk about more than one pair, use ‘pairs’.  The verb that follows ‘pairs of…’ is always plural as we are talking about multiple pairs of something.

  • Example: Several pairs of shoes are missing.
  • Example: Two pairs of spectacles are in the drawer.
  • Example: Five pairs of earrings cost a lot of money.

In the above sentences, the verbs-are and cost are in the plural as we are talking about many pairs of something.


  • Very informative video.
    Ms Rachna I`ve gone through your other videos too and in most of them i`ve found that you are using “pink colour white board marker” which some times makes difficult to read, thus a humble request to use some other dark colour marker.
    Thank you.

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