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Stop Saying ‘BAD’ – Learn 10 Other Ways To Say BAD in English

We always use the word BAD while speaking English to describe something that is not good, but sometimes things are not as bad or are really very bad, so how do you describe such things in daily spoken English. For that you need to learn new English Words, that fit in perfectly to a situation. In this English speaking Practice lesson with Niharika yo will learn 10 other ways to say ‘BAD’. Beginners in English use limited English vocabulary that keeps them away from speaking Fluent English. If you want to speak English fluently and confidently it is imperative to learn new English words and use them in your daily English conversations. 

Complete Lesson Transcript :-

A big hello to all the lovely people out there, I am Niharika and I am back with a new lesson. Well it’s time to learn some new interesting words. Well while learning English, you definitely want to work on your vocabulary as well, you like to add some new words, right? So people I have a question for you before I teach you some new words. Well what do you say or which word do you use in English when you dislike something or something that’s just terrible, so which are the words that you use? Like for example someone asks you that “how was your exam? And you didn’t do well, so you end up saying, “it was bad”, or for example you were asked, “Did you watch the ‘Game Of Thrones’ last episode?” and you kind of didn’t like it, so you say “it was bad.” Or just simply when someone asks you that “How was your day?” and you didn’t have a good day, terrible boss, terrible colleagues, you really didn’t have a good day, so you end up saying, “well my day was really, really bad”. So do you realize that generally when you want to show dislike or something that you didn’t really enjoy or you didn’t fare well, you end up using the word “bad”? Well it’s such a common word. So in this lesson we are gonna learn other ways to say the word “bad”. Well let’s start with the first word which is, one of my favorites that’s “atrocious”, yes, I mean it sounds really good, right? Atrocious that’s how you pronounce the word and it means something of a very, very poor quality. Extremely bad or extremely unpleasant. For example, you go to a new café and you order food and the food is really bad, so what you are gonna say, “The food was really bad?” No! You’re gonna use the word atrocious, “well the food in the new café is atrocious.” Yeah, it was terrible. So that’s how you could use the word. Or for example, my handwriting, well I’m sure you all have seen my handwriting, and yes I know it’s really bad, but guess what now you guys can use the word atrocious, “Niharika’s handwriting is atrocious.” So that’s how you use this word. Let’s have a look at another word which is “bum” that’s b-u-m, bum, I’m not talking about the part of the body that you sit on but, this is an informal word for something bad in quality. Like, something like “the chocolates at that store were so bum” or “the cheese that I tried of this new company was so bum”. So bum is a very, very simple and informal word that you can use amongst friends and you can say that it was bad, for something that is bad. So use the word bum, well remember it’s more like a slang, it’s an informal word. Let’s have a look at another word, which is “deplorable”. Hmm, another interesting word, right? Deplorable that’s how you pronounce this word and what does it mean? Well, of course it means really bad. Like I love using this word coz not many people use it, I mean you haven’t really heard this. But like when you watch movies, you will come across this word deplorable, because it just sounds good, so start using it. But how do you use it in a sentence? Well, “poor people in big cities live under deplorable conditions.” Which means that they live in terrible conditions, in bad conditions, okay? So that’s how you use this word. So these are the three words, one is “atrocious”, “bum” and “deplorable”, now let’s have a look at some more words, and the next word that we have is or rather it’s a phrase, which is, “not up to snuff”. Well what does it really mean? Well this phrase means, not as good as it should be, like very average. So example, in our film industry if a really, really good director gives a very, very average kind of movie that you really didn’t enjoy, then you know because you had like high expectations, such a great director, such a great film cast, so the movie was very, very average you can use this phrase that is, not up to snuff, “well the movie was not up to snuff” I mean, which means you really expected something more, like something really nice. So that’s how you use this phrase. Well there’s another phrase which is pretty, pretty similar to this one, it means the same, so just in case if you do not want to use not up to snuff, you can use, “not up to par”, okay? So just two similar phrases for your knowledge. Well the next word that I have for you is “wretched”, yes, that’s how you pronounce it, wretched, which means extremely bad. So when you see a bad accident on the road, this is the apt word to use, well “it was a wretched accident” so it was a very, very bad accident, like you could see blood all over. So use the word, like just don’t say it was a bad accident, you can say, “It was a wretched accident”. The next word is rotten, yes I mean rotten generally means decayed food, like rotten eggs, rotten tomatoes so you generally use this word for decayed food but you can use this adjective for people too. So not just for eggs and vegetables, you can use it for people. For example, “her acting skills are absolutely rotten”, so which means she is a very bad actor. Okay or he is a very bad actor. So you can say, “Her or his acting skills are absolutely rotten.” Well I have another phrase for you which is, “a crying shame”. It means a really bad situation. Yes, so you are not talking about a person, or you are not talking about a thing but you are just talking about a bad situation in general. Like for example, “It’s a crying shame that she’s paid so little for the kind of job she does.” Or another example is, “It’s a crying shame that my sister is unable to find a job.” Okay so are actually talking about a very bad situation. And friends I have another one for you which is “woeful”, okay? That’s how you pronounce this word, woeful which means again, bad. But how do you use it? Well, “this team has a woeful record.” Like you can use this word for your bad grades too, like for example you didn’t score well in your 10th grade, well you can say, “My 10th grades are woeful”. So now it’s time for the results and if you score bad and I hope you did not, but just in case your score is but then use the woeful. Well the next word is “awful”. You might have heard this from my mouth several times, yes. I generally do not use the word bad, but I end up using the word, awful. “The food is awful”, “my exam was awful”, “the movie was awful”, yes, I use this word, awful. So it’s very simple, it just means it was terrible, so if you would like to use this word, of course, go ahead, add it to your vocabulary. The next word that we have is “execrable”, yes that’s how you pronounce this word, execrable. It extremely bad or unpleasant. It’s a great word to use for bad quality food or wine. So next time you are in a restaurant or just tasting some wine, in someone’s house, well you can use this word execrable and how do you use it? You can just say, “The wine they served was execrable” which means it was bad or unpleasant. So these are the phrases and words that we learnt in today’s lesson the next time you wanna use the word “bad”, well stop using it because it’s just way too common, start using any of these ten words of phrases that I just helped you with and I will see you soon, with a new lesson till then you take care and have a great day.

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