New English words from the OKTOBERFEST in Germany

In this spoken English lesson, Michelle will enlighten you about the Oktober festival that is celebrated in Germany. It is the world’s largest beer festival. It’s a fest where you have mothering food, music and beer. In this ESL lesson Michelle brings you some new English vocabulary that you could use in your daily English conversation to speak fluent English and sound more confident in English.

Stain: it is a traditional beer mug that is made of stone ware. It is a container in which you carry the beer is called beer stain

Pints: They are beer mugs but not the traditional ones

Souvenir: a small token from a particular place given as a memory

Major feat: means a big achievement. Getting a table in one of the tents is a major feat.

Bursting bladders: people who want to rush to the toilet have bursting bladders

Revelers: means people who are lively and enjoying themselves at a party. They are merry makers

Ubiquitous: means something that is present everywhere. Food and beer are ubiquitous at the fest.

Tap the keg: ‘tap’ is the verb and ‘keg’ is a vessel in which there is a lot of beer. This expression means opening the tap

Prost their day away: Means to raise a toast or say ‘cheers’

Beer corpses/ Bierleichen: means people act crazy and cranky because they are very drunk

Keep your wits about you: means to stay alert for your safety

We hope this English lesson has helped you learn some new English vocabulary and you would use these words in your daily English conversation to sound confident in English and speak fluent English.

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