How to Greet Someone ? – Business Etiquette

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so a good professional greeting can go a long way to getting things off to a positive start in a business setting. Learn the proper etiquette rules for greeting in a business setting by following these steps.

Step 01 :

Stand up when you are getting ready to greet someone or as someone is approaching you to greet you. If you are seated at a desk or table, move out from behind it and walk toward the person you are greeting so that you don’t have to lean over anything to greet him.

Step 02 :

Make eye contact with the person and smile. Say “hello” and introduce yourself. Always provide your full name–both first and last–when introducing yourself in a business setting.

 Step 03 :

Extend your hand with your fingers together and your thumb up and give the person a firm handshake. Make sure you touch the web of your hand to the other person’s web and give it one or two pumps. The handshake should be firm but not too much of a squeeze. It should last about three seconds.

Step 04 : 

Say, “It’s very nice to meet you” or something to that effect as you are shaking hands. Be sure to use your body language and facial expressions to convey enthusiasm to the person you are meeting.

[box type=”download”] Tips & Warnings – Keep a tissue handy if you tend to have sweaty palms. Wipe your hand dry before shaking hands to avoid giving a sweaty handshake.[/box]



  • Great tip Sir 🙂 Our handshake tells about our intentions and nature to our opponent. In the corporate world a handshake means alot. Even a handshake is a description of your state of mind. For example,The Two handed handshake-depicts the warmth. A top handed handshake- this is a horizontal handshake, in this person with his hand upwards shows his superiority. A twister handshake- In this after a vertical handshake it turns into horizontal, the person with upward hand tries to say that he will show his superiority. So there can be many handshakes depicting different behaviours.

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