Phrases to deal with an angry customer.

When it comes to calming angry customers, it is important to use the right words. And handling an angry customer is the most challenging aspect of a job. In this lesson you will learn phrases to defuse the unpleasant situation and acknowledge the customer concern professionally.

1) I’m sorry for the trouble.

Sometimes simple words speak volumes to your customer. SO the very first thing you do is apologize.

2) I understand why you are upset.

You can drastically improve the customer experience by simply expressing genuine empathy.
This phrase will make the customer feel heard, respected and understood when they share a problem or a complaint.

3) Here is what I’m going to do for you……

By saying this you bring the customer into the solution process. Be precise about the situation and give the details about when the problem can be fully resolved.

4) What can we do to resolve this problem?

If your initial suggestion fails to satisfy the customer then throw the ball in his/her court. Probably the customer is expecting additional incentive so it is better to ask the customer what is the best thing we can do to make him happy.

5) I’m glad you voiced it out so that we can resolve this for you right away.

This is the best way to end the conversation by appreciating the customers efforts to voice out the issue and then explaining him the best solution that you worked it for him/her.

SO hope these phrases come handy to you especially when someone is extremely angry and you are the one who needs to handle the customer.

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