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Complete Lesson Transcript –

What do you think I’m doing? I’m trying to see how it is that people can have their nose up in the air.

Hi, I’m Rima and I’m back again with yet another interesting lesson. Today’s lesson is all about describing arrogant people. Now arrogant people, who don’t run into them? They are everywhere, you know at your workplace, in your personal life among your friend circle, almost everywhere and I’m sure there are certain days when you behave like an arrogant person. I do that sometimes. Although I like to keep myself in check. Now I have come to the conclusion that we need to come up with creative ways of describing arrogant people and which is why I have made a list of few over here which I am gonna take you through.

So the first one on my list is, to be uptight. Now being uptight means very, very simply and in a straight forward manner, to be arrogant. It could also mean being uncooperative. so I could use this in a sentence and say something like, you know what I am blessed with an uptight boss which is why my new ideas are not appreciated coz your boss is kind of arrogant and full of himself and he’s not cooperative enough to give a listening ear to your new ideas. So that’s how you could use this in a sentence.

Now the next one is to be a stuffed shirt, okay. To be a stuffed shirt means to be arrogant or inflexible. now people who are generally inflexible which mean people who stick only to their rules and it’s always like you know their way is the correct way, most of these people are too full of themselves or are too arrogant. Someone you know who is, so arrogant that the person is actually unaccepting of other people’s points of view or other people’s ideas and feelings. so you know, I could say something like, Oh Marc, I don’t like to go to dinner with him, he’s such a stuffed shirt, which means that he is too arrogant, too full of himself, too inflexible and uncooperative. So a lot of these meanings might emerge but the words that we use describe the arrogance are different and I need to pay attention to these. So that was to be uptight and to be a stuffed shirt.

Moving on, there is always, high and mighty. Now somebody who is behaving high and mighty means someone who is too full of themselves. so you know if you have a friend who is always about her and just doesn’t you know, you know kind of take in consideration anybody else’s feelings, schedules, thoughts, ideas, you could just you know say something like, you know you’re just being so high and mighty. It’s not fun hanging out with you and she will definitely get the point. so that’s all about being high and mighty which means you know giving others the impression that you’re higher than them and mightier than them and which is why they should only listen to you and not have any thoughts or ideas of their own. So that’s all about high and mighty.

Moving on to become too big for one’s boots. Okay so to behave arrogantly. now imagine that you have a nice, little soft spoken intern in your office but 6 months later, she has become too big for her boots which mean suddenly she has become very arrogant, rude and too full of herself. so that is the meaning of too become too big for one’s boots which mean acting like you are too good for the current situation in your life. your current job, your current relationship, your current friends’ circle, just acting like you’re above everyone else and everyone else is beneath you or not good enough for you. So that is the meaning of becoming too big for one’s boots.

Moving on, I have for you, to have a swollen head. No, no, no there is no need to rush to the doctor and this is not about having an actual swelling on your head. it actually means to you know become so full of yourself, it’s as if your head just swells and becomes many, many times bigger to actually accommodate your ego, that’s right. To have a swollen head means to have a big ego or behave arrogantly. So well I could say something like, when Clarissa became a star, all of a sudden, she had a swollen head which means all of a sudden her stardom kind of got to her and her ego became too big and she started behaving arrogantly. So that’s how you would use to have a swollen head in a sentence.

Moving on, I have for you, to put on airs. Okay now, what does this have to do with air actually nothing? To put on airs can actually be described in two ways. One could be to pretend to be something that you are not and the second one is to behave arrogantly. So to put on airs means to pretend or be arrogant. So you’ll see a lot of people behaving like something that they are not. So they pretend, the put on airs to show people that you know they are higher or better than others or cooler or nicer than others. So that they are indirectly putting the other person down, which means behaving arrogantly. So, you could use this in a sentence by saying, I have always seen that a lot of people in society put on airs in order to attract attention. So there’s a lot of people in social gatherings and circles who put on airs or pretend to be better than everyone else so that they become the center of attention and attract more attention. So all about putting on airs something that you do not want to indulge in, coz it really doesn’t pay off in the long run. Just be yourself, be natural and that’s always the best.

Moving on, I have for you to be stuck up. Now to be stuck up is very close to being a stuffed shirt. It means somebody who is rigidly stuck in his own egoistic ways and in his own egoistic ways of dealing with things. So to be stuck up means to be inflexible and egoistic. When I went for dinner with Serena, I realized that she’s just stuck up and I decided never to socialize with her again. now that’s a bit extreme, I mean there’s gonna be a lot of people who stuck up in different ways and you know who has a stuck up attitude towards life, you can’t always just cut them all out but I was just explaining to you, how you can use that in a sentence. So you could call somebody stuck up if they are too high and mighty or too egoistic and completely inflexible or inconsiderate. So that is all about being stuck up and moving on you have, to have your nose in the air. So this means to be, too proud of oneself. so to have your nose in the air actually means that you know something similar to putting on airs, that means pretending to be better or pretending to be somebody that you are not and actually coming off as arrogant or somebody who is too proud about who they are or what they are. It also is compared to having a swollen head. Now, these two are very, very close. So I could use the same sentence and say, when Clarissa became a star, she suddenly had her nose up in the air, which means she suddenly got a swollen head, which means that she suddenly became very arrogant and egoistic. So these two, very, very close and you could actually use them, you know in the same sentence and it would make sense.

Moving on, I have to be up on a high horse, which means to be arrogant and look down upon. Now imagine that you’re riding a horse, a stallion who is very tall and when you’re on your horse, everyone is gonna come across as they are beneath you or below you and you are high and mighty. Now that is where this came from. so you know you could tell your friend, who is acting very arrogant and very full of himself, hey listen, you know you don’t have to be up on your high horse all the time, come down to mother earth, which means come down and behave as if all of us are on the same level and do not behave as if you’re too good for us or you’re above us. So that is the meaning of to be on a high horse and the last one on my list for today is to be holier than thou. Now this means to be or act righteous or arrogant. So if you have a friend who is always judging you and always telling you that you’re not good enough, your ideas are not good enough, your way of life is not good enough, you could just joke and tell that person, you know what, you’re just always so holier than thou. you know come off it and just be normal for once, which means your friend has to stop looking down upon you and stop showing you how he or she is always right or better than you in every way. So that is the meaning of to be holier than thou and that’s my list for you to describe arrogant people. There are many. Many ways in here. Some of them could get a little confusing but you could actually use one sentence and use almost all of these in that sentence and they would work just fine. so well I really hope that you enjoyed all these ways of me describing arrogant people and I know you find them annoying, so do I. so the next time, you know someone’s being very annoying and arrogant around you, you might want to use these so that the person realizes what he or she is doing and stops doing that and trust me that would be nothing higher than social service. Trust me coz arrogance can be very annoying. now if you wanna say something to me or add more such ways of describing arrogant people, all you need to do is, write in the comment box below and if you want to access to more such videos, make sure that you are subscribing to our channel and also asking your friends to do the same. I’m gonna take your leave, this is me, Rima signing out and make sure you are as humble as can be always.

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