Speaking about ‘Vocal Music’

Do you enjoy singing? Would you like to learn some English vocabulary and phrases to talk about your favorite song? If yes, then watch this English lesson for some interesting English vocabulary related to SINGING and vocal music.

Vocabulary related to music:

Song/ track/number – usually refers to a recorded piece of music. Number is used for an informal reference to songs.

Lyrics – means the wordings of a song.

Melody/tune- means the music of a song.

Instrumental piece is a song that comprises only music and no lyrics.

Singer/ Artist – The one who sings the song
Example – John Legend is a great artist. I really like his numbers.

Duet – A piece of music sung by two people.
Example: Tonight she sings a duet with her husband at the party.
Example song: I’m your angel – R.Kelly and Celine Dion

Solo: A piece of music performed by one person.
Example: Photograph by Ed Sheeran is a Solo song.

Talking about common music events:

Concert – An onstage/live performance by one or more singers. It is a onetime event which goes on for a few hours.

Audience- people watching/ enjoying the concert

Music festivals: this usually lasts for a period of time – like 15 days or a month (unlike concert) over which various artists perform live concerts.


Liking Music

# It’s a timeless classic – means evergreen song which brings some memories
# It was a smash hit – very popular song which probably topped the Billboard charts

Disliking Music (Sounding polite):
# It’s too unlike the music I normally listen to – means different from the music I usually hear
# It’s very cheesy – means cheap/ not so good

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