Using ‘Either’ & ‘Neither’ as adjectives, pronouns & conjunctions.

Finished watching the video, now it’s time to see how much you have learned from this English lesson. Take the quiz below on using Either and Neither.

1. Ria bought two dresses at the sale,  and she didn’t like _____ of them.


2. Doesn’t she like _____ of them?


3. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get through to ______ of them.


4. _____ of them told me about the party, so I didn’t go.


5. Did you manage to speak to _____ of the directors by any chance?


6. If _____ of them(parents) can come for my function, I’ll be upset- I hope at least one turns up.


7. Either means …………….


8. “Do you want the chicken salad or the tuna salad?”______________. I don’t like salad! I’ll have the pasta.”


9. ______________of us wants to declare bankruptcy but we may not have a choice. We can do that or we suffer years of debt.


10. ______________Maria nor John knew what to do about the party and I had to do all the arrangements.


Question 1 of 10

In today’s English Grammar lesson, Rima is going to tell you the uses of ‘neither’ and ‘either’ in the English language. These words can be used as adjectives, pronouns or conjunctions.

Either: stands for ‘one’ or the ‘other’ or ‘both’

Example: There were flowers on either side of the river.  (here ‘either’ is an adjective as it is describing which side of the river.) This sentence means there were flowers on both the sides.

Example: I have brought two dresses. You can wear either. (here ‘either’ is a pronoun as it replaces the noun ‘dress’). This means one of the dresses.

Example: You can either play or watch TV.  (‘either’ is used as a joining word or a conjunction to give choice between two things). This means you can play or watch TV.

Remember, when you use ‘either’ as a conjunction, it is used with ‘or’ in the sentence.

Neither: stands for not ‘one’ or the ‘other’ or ‘none’.

Example: Neither twin was invited to the party. (here ‘neither’ is an adjective). This sentence means none of the twin was invited to the party.

Example: Both the pups were pure breed but neither was cute. (here ‘neither’ replaces the noun ’pup’). This means none of the pups were cute.

Example: You can neither play nor watch TV. (‘neither’ is used with as a joining word with ‘nor’ to negate two ideas) This means there is no choice, both ideas are negated.

We hope this English Grammar lesson has helped you clear your doubts while using Either and Neither correctly in English conversation.

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