Using perhaps in conversation – English Grammar Lesson

 You may have heard people using perhaps very often in their daily English conversation. In this English Grammar lesson, you are going to learn how to use ‘perhaps’ in your English conversation. This English grammar lesson will give you the confidence of using ‘perhaps’ correctly when you make an English conversation.

Perhaps: is more formal than ‘maybe’. It is used when you are uncertain about something.

  • Example: Perhaps we have met before. (you aren’t sure)
  • Example: There were perhaps 350 people at the stadium. ( used before an amount or a number you are uncertain about)
  • Example: You look don’t look well, perhaps you should go to the doctor. (make a suggestion or give advice)
  • Example: Perhaps it would be better if he resigned from his position. (subtle advice)
  • Example: It is perhaps not a good idea for a seven year old to us a calculator.
  • Example: Perhaps we could go out for a meal sometimes.

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